Special Child & Adolescent Development Unit

Pediatric Sector
Special Department of Growth and Development

The aim of the Special Child & Adolescent Development Unit is to evaluate the physical changes in children, from neonates to adolescents.

The Special Child & Adolescent Development Unit provides diagnosis and intervention in relation to:

  • height disorders
  • weight disorders
  • puberty disorders (early puberty, delayed puberty, premature adrenarche)
  • other pediatric endocrinological and generic disorders
  • evaluation of any kind of physical change and treatment


The Special Unit cooperate with all the departments of IASO Children’s Hospital as well as other corresponding units in Greece and abroad.

Doctors recommend tests to detect a developmental disorder depending on the findings in every stage of clinical assessment. A healthy child that develops at a normal rate only needs to be monitored during childhood. On the other hand, a child that has stopped growing or is developing slower than expected, will need additional lab tests and treatment.

It is also important that parents detect social and emotional problems in their children and help them accept their own development.

Visits to the department are scheduled by appointment and the clinical assessment lasts for about an hour.


Operating hours: