Staff Training and Development

IASO Group places great importance on the training and education for all its newly recruited employees as well as on the continuing professional development of the entire nursing, maternity and administrative staff. The majority of the employees have participated in continuing education programs on the latest scientific advances in the field of Medicine and in post-graduate programs in areas such as business administration and healthcare management.

The continuing education of our nursing and maternity staff on the latest developments in healthcare holds a prominent place in our vision for excellent nursing services. IASO Group is a pioneer in a restless search for new methods to improve its services by scheduling regular visits and training for its nursing staff at the biggest respective European institutions and by investing in the development of its human resources.

Third-parties Training

Training of Greek or foreign University final-year students or graduates is also of great value to our Group. For this reason, IASO Group continuously accepts young people who, within the framework of their training program, want to acquire work experience in all specialties.