Emergency Department

IASO General Clinic - Emergency Department

The Emergency Department of IASO General Clinic in Athens is operating 24/7 and aims to receive, diagnose and treat patients with urgent and acute health problems. It covers a full range of diseases and injuries that require specific and specialized management. 

The Emergency Department is staffed by leading physicians, specialized and experienced in emergency medicine and the provision of immediate hospital care, by using the most advanced medical equipment. It is a particularly instrumental space for the provision of comprehensive and personalized healthcare services. 

The department is on-duty every day and is in constant collaboration with the medical imaging department and the laboratories of IASO General Clinic (Microbiological, Hematology, Hormonology, Biochemistry, Molecular Diagnosis, Radiology, Ultrasound Department, CT and MRI Scanner), for fast clinical and lab tests, and early investigation of cases. 

The on-duty doctors are always alert and work with an organized network of specialists, to address all types of cases. The emergency department ambulance is available 24/7 for urgent patient transports.

Services provided at the Emergency Department

  • Zero waiting time
  • On-duty 24/7
  • All basic medical specialties available
  • Ambulance available for emergency patients
  • Full laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Nursing staff specially trained to deal with emergencies
  • Proper patient admission depending on condition and severity
  • Possibility of performing minor surgeries in case of emergency 

Admission procedures

The department is responsible for admitting and screening every emergency that reaches IASO General Clinic. Namely:  

Upon arriving at the Emergency department, patients are led to a specially designed area where they are examined by healthcare professionals constantly on call, and subsequently the patients’ necessary information is registered awaiting their admission.

Then the emergency cases are screened by our nursing staff and monitored by specially trained professionals, who define the nature of each problem and the severity of each patient’s condition.