Baby Health Plus

Baby Health Plus

Health is one of life's most precious goods

In order to ensure it, IASO, in collaboration with Allianz European Reliance, created Baby Health Plus. A primary and secondary healthcare program for your newborn, addressed to those of you who wish for their children to have broad healthcare coverage at the leading Pediatric Hospital in Greece, IASO Children’s Hospital, with a high coverage limit for their hospitalization.

Baby Health Plus program benefits

The Baby Health Plus program provides your newborn with coverage for both Hospital and Outpatient care, due to accident or illness.

During the first three years from the insurance’s effective date, the newborn's hospitalization takes place exclusively at the Specially Affiliated IASO Children's Hospital.

The benefits of the program regarding outpatient care are provided exclusively by IASO Children’s Hospital.

Allianz offers you 50% of the program’s premiums for your first year of insurance. 

A necessary condition for obtaining the program is that the Recipient of the Insurance will be one of the two parents.

The offer is valid until the newborn leaves the maternity hospital.


For additional information about the benefits of the program, call at 210 6383457