Endrocrinology - Pediatric Diabetes

Pediatric Sector
Endrocrinology - Pediatric Diabetes

The Endrocrinology-Pediatric Diabetes Department at IASO Children’s Hospital operates since the establishment of the Pediatric Clinic. It provides comprehensive services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of pediatric endocrinology patients. The common conditions for a young patient presenting to the Clinic or being referred by a Pediatrician include developmental (short stature) and weight disorders, thyroid diseases, puberty-related disorders, precocious puberty, pediatric obesity and diabetes mellitus.

The Pediatric Clinic and the Pediatric ICU, in cooperation with the Pediatric Endocrinology Department, provide tertiary healthcare services to children suffering from severe or even life-threatening endocrine diseases, such as diabetic ketoacidosis and newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus. Newborns and pre-term neonates hospitalized in the Neonatal ICU are provided with well-rounded pediatric endocrinology services.

In addition, all required lab studies and evoked tests are performed for the diagnosis of conditions, such as growth hormone deficiency, as well as all necessary imaging examinations, in cooperation with the Pediatric Imaging Department.


Through programs and continuing professional development seminars organized by IASO Children’s Hospital, all the practitioners working in the Endrocrinology-Pediatric Diabetes Department contribute to the education and training of all young patients and their families.