Corporate Social Responsibility


IASO Group has been distinguished with 27 Corporate Social Responsibility awards, 5 of which are gold, consistently supporting vulnerable groups and important actions for the provision of high-quality health services.

Since 2015, we have offered:

  • 7.740  free-of-charge examinations / consultations
  • 116  free-of-charge childbirths
  • over 117  pro bono surgeries
  • 1.030  free-of-charge Covid-19 tests
  • over 145  informative speeches and tours
  • 177  offers by IASO Group healthcare units on the occasion of World Health Days
  • 18  actions for the environment 187 volunteers
  • 10   athletic events &  485   participants


    Our Social Work

    IASO Group is not only committed, but it also demonstrates effectively, through a series of high-level actions, its profound interest in meeting both the healthcare and living needs of people in our country.



    In addition to offering excellent healthcare services and the opportunity to thousands of couples to bring their children into the world with safety, IASO Group has expressed its awareness with regards to the social contribution field, in practice.
    IASO Group’s philosophy is to operate in harmony with society, helping it as whole, in every way. Through its actions, it offers to the economy, the environment and society, by supporting Non-Profit Organizations and Associations and contributing to the protection of people’s health through prevention, diagnosis and treatment, via the high-quality healthcare services offered.
    It supports its human resources with continuous education and training, while also contributing to the environment through the recycling of materials and participation in alternative management programs. IASO Group, as the largest Private Hospital in Greece, with the largest Maternity, Gynecology and Pediatrics Clinic, is always by your side.

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    Support of the National Health System

    IASO Group supported the difficult work of the National Health System substantially, providing 100 beds for the hospitalization of pathological non-COVID cases.

    IASO Group adopted the Charitable Non-Profit Organization of Mother and Child Care and Protection "Ark of the World"

    IASO Group adopted the Charitable Non-Profit Organization of Mother and Child Care and Protection "Ark of the World" and embraces this large family of 400 children and their families.

    Our Pillars

    Each action, however small, leaves an important contribution imprint

    When we all leave our mark, our desire to offer becomes even stronger and volunteerism flourishes and bears fruit! That is why we invite you to participate in the voluntary actions organized by IASO Group within the framework of the comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program "By Your Side". It is very simple! Fill out the participation form you will find in our website and unite your wishes with ours. Because the more we participate, the more we can accomplish!

    Volunteering Form

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