New Luxury Wing

Luxury wing

IASO breaks new ground by changing the rules in hospitalization and healthcare services in Greece.

Νew hospitalization floor “New Luxury Wing”, having the best facilities in Greece!

IASO, the largest Maternity and Gynecology Clinic in Europe, with more than 10,000 deliveries every year, has always been the first choice for parents bringing their child into the world. IASO General Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare services, with the most modern facilities, for men and women of all ages.

Focusing on providing an excellent accommodation experience, it has created the 8th floor with new hospitalization facilities of high esthetic, which signals a new era in hospital care and accommodation in Greece. This project of IASO was completed in collaboration with one of the most renowned and awarded architectural offices, which has undertaken major projects all over the world.

The arrival of a baby, the first breath, the first hug. These are unique feelings that every woman deserves to experience within a first-rate environment. IASO provides new mothers everything they need to view this experience as a dream come true. So they, as well as every patient, may feel safe, secure and cared for, in the luxurious environment which will envelop an important moment in their lives.

The architectural design of the new facilities at IASO aims to create a calming, familiar and safe ambiance in every corner. Ultimately aiming to convey the feeling of summer holidays, which exudes harmony, relaxation but also fulfillment, the rooms were fully redesigned along the same lines as the common areas for visitors. Fully functional areas of a refined esthetic have been created, which transmit the high-level healthcare quality, but without resembling a traditional hospital setting. The hospitalization rooms, but also the waiting areas and the reception, compose a relaxing, restful and welcoming environment, focusing on comfort and the best accommodation experience.

IASO: A “destination” equivalent to the birth of your child

IASO: A “destination” equivalent to the birth of your child

IASO offers a unique experience throughout the maternity journey, having upgraded its services on all levels. Starting from the new facilities of high esthetic, which make the childbirth experience even more comfortable, beautiful and relaxing, both in terms of accommodation and hospitalization, to the care and support provided to mothers by the specialized midwives, the option of water birth, and the chance for mothers to form their own birth plan or to bring their child into the world by natural childbirth. All these options are possible within a completely safe environment, a destination equivalent to the miracle of life itself.

When your destination is health, IASO General Clinic paves the way

IASO General Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare services, following the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment methods. Our key priority is to provide safety to our patients, from having a routine test performed to undergoing treatment for the most complex medical problem. Equipped with the latest innovative medical technological equipment, in comfortable and contemporary facilities and staffed with leading doctors of all medical specialties, it is a model in the provision of high-quality healthcare services.

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