Pediatric physiotherapy

Pediatric Sector
Pediatric physiotherapy

The Department is staffed by a well-trained and specialized multidisciplinary team consisting of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Special Pedagogues and Child Psychologists, offering all the services of pediatric rehabilitation and using the appropriate techniques. The scope of Pediatric Physiotherapy is to educate children to function as close as possible to their normal movement. Pediatric Physiotherapy promotes motor functions and skills, enhances sensory development, supports the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, and prepares the child’s smooth and effective adaptation to the community. Considering that each child is unique, a personalized program and treatment protocol is followed according to his/her needs, personality and personal and family goals.

Therapists consider mobilization with movement an integral part of their therapeutic intervention.

They use their hands to facilitate functional movements, by enforcing continuous child-therapist interaction. At the same time, they use facilitation techniques, which achieve or re-achieve postures and movements that ensure each patient has the ability to reach important functional goals.

By applying therapeutic movements in combination with restraint-facilitation techniques and the development of normal motor skills, they aim at consolidating functional skills as well as preparing each child to achieve a specific functional outcome.


Therapeutic intervention varies depending on the age, be it developmental or biologics, the deficits and the needs of each child.



  • Balance improvement
  • Gait training
  • Contracture prevention
  •  Visuomotor coordination improvement
  • Daily activity improvement
  • Parent training on how to manage their child’s issues


Therapy Techniques

Suitable methods and techniques are followed, selected by our team of specialists and adapted to the personality and needs of each child. Especially, the following are used:

  • PNF



The pelmatograph, a digital technology device with scanning sensors, records and analyzes pressures applied to the sole when standing and walking. The data are recorded and processed assisting in evaluating the standing and waling positions and in creating suitable orthotic insoles.


Operating hours: