Inpatient guide

For your scheduled admission, please bring with you:

  • Copies of medical tests related to your hospitalization, e.g. test results, X-rays, etc.
  • The medications you are taking

During your admission, you will be asked to choose your room type, sign your admission papers and provide your personal details:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Telephone
  • Social Security Number (AMKA)
  • Insurance fund/company (public or private)
  • What to bring with you for your admission

    • Valid photo ID or passport
    • Tax Number (AFM) and tax office
    • Social Security Number (AMKA)
    • Admission papers from your insurance agent (if necessary)
    • Hospitalization card with the necessary information from your private insurance company
    • Policy number (if you hold private insurance)
    • COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate (if available)
    • Negative COVID-19 test

    In the event of scheduled surgery, you must have completed the preoperative check-up before your admission.

  • What not to bring with you:

    We recommend that you do not bring with you any electrical devices (hairdryers, shavers), valuables and large sums of money.

    For safekeeping of valuables or money, talk to the Hospital’s Security (Call Center: +30 2106184000), so they may be placed in a special safe deposit box. The Hospital in not liable whatsoever for any loss.

  • EOPYY / Private Insurance

    IASO is affiliated with the National Organization for Healthcare (EOPYY), as well as private insurance companies. We also accept holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). To be best served, before your admission, contact Patient Accounts to find out about the procedures you must follow depending on the reason for your admission and on your social security fund or private insurer, as well as the estimated hospitalization cost.


Patient Accounts Phone Numbers:

Patient Accounts (privately insured):