Institute of Life - IASO IVF Unit

Institute of Life - IASO IVF Unit

The leading Assisted Reproduction Unit that most women in Greece trust

The Institute of Life – IASO, the leading Assisted Reproduction (IVF) Unit in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, was established within IASO, the largest Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Europe and the largest private hospital in Greece. 
Since its establishment, it has managed to conquer the top, winning the trust and preference of people seeking solutions to reproductive issues, and offering top-level services and absolute safety. Its rich scientific and research work has reached excellence, with innovations and groundbreaking firsts globally. 
Driven by the desire to offer an excellent experience to patients, the Institute of Life expanded its facilities to create the largest Assisted Reproduction Unit, 1500 sqm, on a single level within a private hospital in Greece. The expansion and refurbishment of the IASO ground level is turning over a new leaf in the creation of human life. The architectural design is based on creating a new model in assisted reproduction infrastructures, with an innovative character, based on empathy. Driven by the concept of “embracing life”, Institute of Life – IASO offers support with a deep sense of empathy, in the successful journey towards creating new life. An experiential embrace for the couples who place their trust in its services.

At Institute of Life – IASO, the dream of thousands of couples comes true every day

The Institute of Life is staffed with fully qualified internationally acclaimed scientists who have long experience in reproduction. The team of Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Fertility Specialists and Embryologists aims at comprehensive and effective management of each case, with their primary concern being to offer individualized treatment. The most suitable treatments are selected from the entire range of assisted reproduction techniques, depending on the needs of each couple. It uses the most modern and advanced technology, and applies innovative treatments and techniques, consistent with the highest operating standards.
Additionally, operating within the largest private hospital in Greece guarantees absolute medical safety, as it provides direct and fast access to a large range of medical services and specialties if the need arises.
From the moment you find yourselves at Institute of Life – IASO, you will realize that our certified, innovative unit is geared towards offering the best level of care to its patients. It boasts modern facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology, spacious areas and innovative systems, which ensure excellent lab conditions.
The RI Witness management system, which monitors and records patient samples through every step of the assisted reproduction process, operates as a safeguard, ensuring our patients feel secure.
  • Services

    Each case in unique. Our comprehensive treatments have been carefully adapted to the needs of each individual and guarantee the best possible results. The point is not to perform miracles. It is to help nature take its course when it can’t do so on its own.
    In-vitro Fertilization (IVF): Fertilization achieved by the fusion of the egg to the sperm outside of the body, in a special lab. The embryo arising from this fusion develops in a fully protected environment before being transferred to the mother’s womb.
    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): Process whereby the sperm is initially processed in the lab and then placed in the womb with artificial means. This facilitates egg fertilization.
    Egg Donation: Process whereby the woman uses the eggs of a donor to fulfill her wish to become a mother.
    Sperm Donation: Process whereby an anonymous healthy man with quality sperm donates a quantity of it, so that an infertile couple may make their dream come true.
    Surrogacy: If the medical condition of a woman renders a pregnancy unlikely or dangerous, then another woman carries and gives birth to her baby.
    Fertility Preservation: The advent of science now offers all women the chance to freeze time. Until recently, fertility preservation methods, such as freezing of eggs and ovarian tissue, was an issue of concern mainly for women who suffered from cancer. Nowadays, they are among the greatest achievements of IVF, allowing thousands of women around the world to become mothers whenever they wish.
    Andrology Lab: The science of Assisted Reproduction is advancing non-stop, while all the more techniques are being developed to manage infertility in both sexes. The state-of-the-art Andrology Lab was established to this end, offering special male-factor infertility tests and comprehensive medical tests to couples, and contributing to selecting the best treatment for achieving pregnancy.
  • Treatments

    Microfertilization (ICSI): An advanced technique that is combined with IVF, whereby one sperm is placed directly in the egg with a microscopic procedure. It is common in cases of severe male infertility.

    Egg Freezing: A modern technique whereby a predetermined number of mature eggs of a woman is vitrified. It is a more effective technique compared to traditional cryopreservation.

    Time-lapse: Through a special microscopic monitoring system, it monitors the cell division of the embryo in real time, recording its development from the first moments of life.

    Advanced Genetic Testing:

    • PGT-A: Preimplantation genetic testing for chromosomes
    • PGT-M: Preimplantation genetic testing for single-gene defects
    • niPGT-A: Non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing
    • Endometrial Immunological Testing (ImMap)
    • ERA Test & ER Map: Endometrial receptivity tests
    • KIR/HLA-C Genotyping
  • The first unit to apply artificial intelligence systems

    From the moment it was established, the Institute of Life has been applying the latest IVF techniques. Investing continuously in advanced technology, it is the only unit in Greece that can monitor simultaneously all the embryos 24/7, through time-lapse technology, with the most modern embryoscopes. It is also the only unit to apply artificial intelligence (AI) systems, in cooperation with world renowned clinical embryologist Dr. Jacques Cohen, the man who was part of the team that brought the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, into the world.
    The Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm (ERICA) AI system, introduced in Greece by Institute of Life – IASO in partnership with Dr. Jacques Cohen’s team, assists in making crucial decisions during the diagnosis and treatment of couples, by collecting a large volume of data, analyzing images and using smart software. Success has already been achieved, with the birth of the first two babies in Greece using AI technology.
    The greatest innovations take place in the Embryology Lab, the heart of the Unit. It applies – both in day-to-day clinical practice and in terms of scientific research – the most innovative and groundbreaking techniques in Greece at the moment. Equipped with the latest medical technology, it has created the right conditions so as to achieve the highest pregnancy results, even compared to centers of excellence abroad. 
  • Increased success rates from the very first attempt

    Time-lapse imaging technology is the most important non-invasive method applied to assess the implantation capacity of embryos. Their development is monitored 24/7, without intervening in their culture conditions, by simulating the environment of the mother’s endometrium.
    At the same time, PGT-A genetic analysis is a technique that checks for chromosomal disorders in an embryo, before being implanted in the woman’s womb. This embryo exam is usually performed in cases of couples who have experienced multiple failures or miscarriages. By combining these two modern and very important techniques, we can select with absolute accuracy the embryos with the highest potential for implantation, greatly improving the success rates for fertilization.
  • World first: The Institute of Life brings Greece to the spotlight of scientific interest

    A very important world first in medicine was announced on April 9, 2019: The first child using Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST) was born to a Greek mother with a history of multiple failed IVF attempts. By applying its innovative clinical research in cooperation with Emryotools, the Institute of Life has managed to change the state of affairs in assisted reproduction globally. The innovative Maternal Spindle Transfer method offers the chance of preserving the mother’s genetic material and gives solutions to the fertility problems associated with multiple IVF failures due to cytoplasmic defects of the oocytes or rare mitochondrial genetic diseases. To date, 6 healthy babies have been born in Greece, at IASO, using this method.
    The Institute of Life openly proves that Greece innovates and breaks new ground; that it can play a leading role on a global scientific level and attract the young Greek scientists who left the country in search of jobs abroad due to the crisis.
  • Why choose us?

    Because, above all, we focus all our energy to make your dream come true. At Institute of Life – IASO, you can feel safe from day one, because you will meet an experienced and fully qualified team. Our treatments are fully individualized, and guarantee absolute safety and quality. You can trust us because we use the most advanced assisted reproduction technology, and because the miracle of life is a source of joy and inspiration for us.
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