My club card

myclubcardThe Card of your Life

The National Bank of Greece and IASO Group introduce you to My Club Card VISA; a credit card with a unique combination of benefits and possibilities.

A VISA card that can be used in your transactions with millions of companies around the world. A health card that grants you unique benefits for easier access to the most precious gift of all: your health. A card that offers you benefits with your purchases from various companies.

One Visa card, your most trusted friend

  • International recognition...

    Don’t forget that My Club Card VISA is a credit card with international benefits and status. It can be used in your transactions in Greece and internationally, in a number of VISA approved companies bearing the Visa logo. By using My Club Card VISA you are entitled to various benefits, such as many interest-free installments and great offers from selected companies.
  • while you travel...

    Whatever the part of the world you may find yourself at, My Club Card VISA makes you feel safe, as it offers you a travel insurance program to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise while traveling.
  • ...possibility to withdraw cash at any time...

    With My Club Card VISA, you can withdraw cash 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any ATM of the National Bank of Greece, as well as from any ATM around the world bearing the Visa logo.
  • ...enjoy it with your family

    Except you, 3 more adult members of your family can obtain their own My Club Card VISA. Ask for their cards to be issued while you apply for yours.

A Flexible Card

My Club Card VISA grants you greater convenience since you monthly receive a statement of your account with full details of your transactions. You can pay the amount due either partially, by paying the minimum amount set, or by interest-free payment of your entire outstanding balance.

Ways to pay your credit card bill:

  • Direct debit linked to your bank account, provided you have filled in the special authorization form at any branch of the National Bank of Greece.
  • By using ΕΘΝΟCASH PLUS at any ATM of the National Bank of Greece, provided it is linked to your credit card.
  • Via Internet Banking and Phone Banking.
  • By using your credit card and by depositing cash at any ATM of the National Bank of Greece.
  • Via the Automated Payment Systems (APSs) of the National Bank of Greece with cash deposit.
  • Via “Quick Payment” at any Hellenic Post Office.
  • Via cash payment at any branch of the National Bank of Greece.
  • Via wire transfer from another bank through the DIAS interbanking system.

A Health Card

My Club Card makes you feel safe -it grants you access to healthcare and aesthetic medicine services by offering you significant credit facilities and benefits from the leading Group in the field of healthcare services, IASO. IASO Group comprises IASO-Maternity and Gynecology Hospital, IASO Children’s Hospital and IASO Thessalias-Maternity and General Hospital.

With purchases worth 4,000€ via your My Club Card VISA, you earn a gift voucher for a free of charge annual check-up for you or a family member, which you receive enclosed with your credit card statement. The more you use My Club Card, the more you earn.

My club Card


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