Nutrition and Dietetics

Pediatric Sector
Nutrition and Dietetics

The Nutritional Support & Dietetics Department provides quality individualized nutritional support to adults and children.

The fully trained Department scientists and dietitians, and the advanced technology used assist in offering dedicated and extremely accurate evaluations:

  • BOD POD® Body Composition Measurement: It is an accurate, safe and fast method (measurement time of 2’) to easily determine body weight, fat and fat-free mass using air displacement technology through the BOD POD® Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System. The BOD POD is based on similar principles to those used for hydrostatic weighing. According to a host of scientific studies, the accuracy of the BOD POD has been compared to hydrostatic weighing, and it is a valid, safe, radiation-free method for measuring body fat
  • Evaluation of hydration, body cell mass and cellular metabolism with the Akern BIA 101 BIVA PRO™bioimpedance measuring device. The BIA 101 BIVA PRO™ is a Class IIa CE medical device for safely carrying out measurements on children (but also pregnant women and patients fitted with implantable medical devices or prostheses).
  • Nutritional evaluation and food intake assessment.

This assessment leads to a strictly personalized diet plan that aims to help you meet your targets, in partnership with your child’s attending physician and/or pediatrician.

The diet plan is created based on valid nutritional consultation and guidance on an interpersonal level, aiming to help you develop skills and strategies, and train the brain to adopt the habits and actions required to improve wrong everyday behaviors, with the ultimate goal being to promote a healthy lifestyle through optimal development and healthy weight.

Proper nutrition is extremely important to a developing child. The Nutritional Support and Dietetics Department covers a wide range of nutritional problems in infants, children and adolescents, including:

  • Body weight management (obesity and incomplete growth)
  • Food intake assessment and nutritional support for children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diabetes, food allergies, and other diseases and chronic medical conditions
  • Special diet regimens, following doctor’s orders, as well as consultation and training of hospitalized children and their parents
  • Personalized menus during hospitalization to address nutritional needs and problems

Optimal nutrition

In order to remain healthy and ensure proper function of all systems, our body must receive in quantity and quality the necessary amounts of energy, derived from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and other nutrients. When we have an adequate intake of energy and nutrients, then we achieve optimal nutrition.

Optimal nutrition is vital for:

  • Ideal development (physical, motor, cognitive, etc.) in children
  • Proper function of the immune and reproductive systems
  • Improved sports performance
  • Good health and reduction of morbidity
  • Reduced risk of obesity and nutrition-related diseases

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