Complaints Submission Process

Complaints or suggestions for improvement by patients (inpatients or outpatients), visitors, referring/attending physicians and staff, may be submitted:

  • verbally, while health services are being provided to patients or other interested parties;
  • by letter or other document which the patient or visitor may send directly to the Clinic;
  • in writing, while at the Clinic, where special "Complaint-Suggestion Forms" are available at stands and patients or other interested parties can take one, fill it out, place it in a special envelope and deposit it in the collection boxes designated for this purpose;
  • referring/attending physicians may address the Clinic (a specific department or each Clinic) in the same way;
  • any member of the staff may also submit a complaint or suggestion for improvement by following the instructions in the "Non-compliance/Corrective and Preventive Actions" procedure;
  • additionally, complaints directed to any Clinic, may be indirectly submitted through the satisfaction questionnaires sent in by the interested parties, according to the procedure outlined in the Management Procedure 110 (D.DIAX110 SOP) "Interested Parties Satisfaction Measurement".

Email for complaints: [email protected]