Twin Mοm Seminars

Seminars for mothers who are expecting twins

IASO is organizing Twin Mom Seminars, innovative seminars which are addressed to women who are carrying twins.

Multiple pregnancies have increased significantly in recent years. In the context of the Midwife’s Love program and the organization of pre & after birth seminars, IASO covers the need for proper information and guidance of mothers who are expecting twins, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The exact date and time of the seminars will be announced.

Next Seminar: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, 16:30, IASO Events Hall.

Seminar’s Program

Arrival, snacks & coffee

Expecting twins. What should the expectant mother know and what to look out for during pregnancy. The role of the Fetal Medicine specialist.
Maria Simou MD, PhD, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Fetal Medicine Specialist, Doctor of the University of Athens, Head of the IASO TWIN CLINIC

Space organization – Care of Newborn twins at home
Working group: Marina Antoniadi, Midwife, Coordinator at the IASO NICU, Vasiliki Karka, Midwife at the IASO NICU, Sophia Bellesi, Midwife at the IASO NICU

Bringing out the uniqueness of our twin children
Mania Ziridi Spentzou, MSc in Psychology of Education (UCL), MBA (ALBA)
MSc in Global Health (NKUA)


For additional information and bookings: 210 6383905. Αttendance is free-of-charge.