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Physiotherapy for Inpatients 

Physiotherapy is the science which chooses to use natural means, such as heat, cold, water, massage, acupuncture, but also movement and manual therapy techniques, in a single session. 

It aims to eliminate pain, improve mobilization control and functional ability, and prevent deformities after extended bed rest or mobility restriction.

The therapeutic exercises integrated in every session, which include specific and special exercises, aim to train the manner and quantity of the exercise in order to maintain maximum therapeutic results. 

The Department physiotherapists are trained and qualified in cardiopulmonary support and in educational techniques/methods for movement and pain management, depending on the disease, the age and the patient’s activities.

Department aim 

The IASO Physiotherapy Department offers services to patients hospitalized in all the clinics and the ICU.

In cooperation with the head doctors and after referral, the physiotherapist assesses the patient and implements a cardiopulmonary and mobility restoration program to those who need this support. The program is offered for as long as necessary, in bed at the area where the patient is hospitalized. Preoperative planning and postoperative rehabilitation are performed for surgical patients, when necessary.