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Precision Medicine reflects the new era of Prevention, redefining Medicine, focusing on the prediction, prevention and treatment of diseases with precision. It represents a fundamental change towards a more personalized care that enables people to live a truly healthy life.



Polygenic Risk Score

Precision Medicine is an innovative and very promising approach to medicine, taking into account the special needs, differences in genes, environment and lifestyle of each individual separately, with emphasis on the "prognosis" of diseases before they even occur. It applies mainly to conditions that appear as we grow older (conditions that accompany the mechanism of aging) which are different for everyone, such as cardiovascular diseases (strokes), neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's), collagen-bone diseases (arthritis, osteoporosis, sarcopenia), inflammatory bowel disease and various cancers.

The Polygenic Risk Score (PRS test) is a hematology test and is done once, unless development in the coming years requires the addition of other genes to the regimen, without requiring another blood taking. Thus, the annual preventive checkup is done purposefully and effectively.


Anti-Aging and Longevity

The purpose of anti-aging medicine is to slow down or even reverse the mechanism of aging, so that its debilitating effects (osteoporosis, sarcopenia, arthritis and serious diseases) appear much later, that is, to achieve the prolongation of the quality of life. It is therefore important to measure the so-called biomarkers of aging and take the indicative measures accordingly.

The biological age of our cells, compared to our actual age is determined by:

Τhe length of the telomeres of the DNA (1). If our cells are not able to expel oxidized proteins (2) and other substances, then they accumulate and cause damage and diseases that are characterized as diseases which accompany aging. That’s because it was found that our DNA does not define our destiny, it can change as we age and through the way we live, eat or exercise. These changes, which are called DNA methylation (3), reflect people’s age and are associated with early prevention (Steve Horvath).

With   the use of Precision Medicine, it is now possible, if the malfunction is detected, which is different in each one of us, as well as with the necessary instructions for a change in lifestyle, diet, exercise and the use of targeted natural substances (senolytics), to suspend the appearance of many painful conditions, in order to prolong our lives, with quality.

In the Department of Precision, Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, after a targeted assessment, which includes obtaining a detailed medical history, recording the lifestyle, family history and assessment of laboratory tests that have been performed from time to time, a blood sample is taken in order to perform the appropriate biomarkers of aging on a case-by-case basis.

The specialized tests which are performed with regard to anti-aging are:

  • Telomere Length Measurement
  • Oxidized proteins
  • Total DNA methylation and tests for the primary prevention of conditions which occur as we grow older:
  • Polygenic Risk Score (PRS)


Assessment of cardiometabolic health by breathing comfortably for 10 minutes in a high-tech mask and automatic digital analysis of metabolism, fat burning ability and cardiorespiratory health etc.

After receiving the results, the personalized prevention and longevity plan is designed, based on the unique biology and living conditions of each individual. The ideal personalized diet and exercise that leads to an ideal body weight and well-being is designed with precision, by evaluating the metabolism and physical condition at the same time and in the most contemporary manner.


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