Outpatient Department

The IASO Endocrinology Department has been operating since 1996. It performs diagnosis, monitoring and treatment for all endocrine conditions, such as: 

  • Thyroidopathy  
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes Mellitus  
  • Nutrition / Metabolism / Obesity
  •  All types of endocrinopathies  

The option of instant comprehensive lab tests is offered, which includes:

  • Glucose tolerance test
  • Complete biochemical and hormone analysis
  • Imaging tests


Endocrinology disorders and pregnancy

Special attention is given to gestational diabetes and all endocrinology disorders during pregnancy. In all events, a special follow-up and treatment schedule is applied for pregnant women, aiming at the birth of a healthy baby.  

The Outpatient Endocrinology Department of IASO General Clinic, based in Athens, operates by telephone appointment and on an emergency basis, if possible. Call us for more information or view all available Outpatient Departments here.


Operating hours: