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How to treat chronic persistent headaches permanently

Chronic cephalgia (cephalgia is the medical term for headache) and migraines affect around 12% of the general population. A significant number of these patients suffer from pain due to nerve compression/entrapment.

Until recently, the treatments available for chronic headaches in Greece included various pharmaceutical regimens, relaxation techniques, acupuncture and homeopathy. However, the long-term success rate of these treatments is not high.

Our surgical team can apply microsurgical nerve decompression on the nerve responsible for headaches (using a microscope). It delivers excellent results, with complete or very significant relief in selected patients.

Furthermore, headache surgical treatment is offered in very few healthcare centers, apart from the USA.

Candidates for headache surgical treatment

Suitable patients have chronic pain, resistant to proper pharmaceutical treatment, for a period of at least 6 months. They have often tried, unsuccessfully, at least one non-pharmaceutical method, such as biofeedback, relaxation techniques or other alternative methods, such as acupuncture.

Notably, the surgical indication concerns exclusively all people who cannot find relief with the above conservative therapeutic measures. The meticulous physical exam and investigation by a neurosurgeon or neurologist maps the distribution of pain and the trigger points, so as to identify the responsible nerve and lead to the surgical indication.

Why trust us

We apply international standards of treatment following the strict guidelines and recommendations of the American Headache Society, relying on our experience in the USA.

Our team consists of US-trained surgeons with long experience in the field of surgical pain management.


Depending on the distribution of pain, we intervene either in the area above the eyebrows (supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve), or in the lobe (zygomaticotemporal nerve), or in the posterior part of the head (second cranial nerve), or in other rarer trigger points.

These neural dendrites are mainly aesthetic and, therefore, the surgery does not cause any functional problem.

Our goal is the significant relief of our patients, with everything this entails for their personal, social and professional lives.


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