Thoracic Surgery Clinic

Thoracic Surgery Clinic


Our clinic consists of highly skilled, world-renowned thoracic surgeons, with a long and enviable experience in the greatest medical centers of the world.

Provided Services

Our surgeons apply all minimally invasive techniques, either thoracoscopic or robotic (of the lungs, pleura, mediastinum).
Depending on the indications, according to the relevant international guidelines, the operation may be performed with the exclusive use of DaVinci, the cutting-edge robotic surgical system at IASO’s disposal.

Our clinic also performs:

  • Intra-tracheal treatment (cryotherapy, placement of tracheal-bronchial splints).
  • Repair of sternal malformation (NUSS Bar) and chest wall reconstruction.
  • Surgical treatment of thoracic/pulmonary sarcoma.

Postoperative monitoring and any necessary analgesic interventions are performed in such a way as to ensure optimal care and safety for the patient.
The seamless and ongoing collaboration with all the specialists involved, both within IASO General Clinic (oncology clinics, radiotherapy department) and with other physicians, with expertise in treating thoracic cancer, ensures the best possible outcome for our patients.
The long experience (>10 years) of our team members during their residency and practice in centers of excellence abroad, coupled with the new, innovative services we offer have securely enabled us to perfect our patients’ medical treatment. All our patients are currently free of postoperative pain in the incision area, while the vast majority (>85%) of patients having undergone a minimally invasive surgical procedure are released within 1-2 days.
Recorded operations performed by our thoracic surgeons’ team are available online.



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