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2nd Orthopedic Clinic
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The 2nd Orthopedic Surgery Clinic, for Sports Injuries, Arthroscopy and Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery consists of specialized Orthopedic Surgeons. People as Human Beings, their return to the activities they enjoy doing, as well as the quality of life they desire, are the main focus of the Clinic’s activities.

The Clinic focuses on the valid diagnosis of any sports injury or orthopedic condition, in order to recommend to the patient the correct method of treatment for his problem and its therapy. The treatment of an orthopedic condition may be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment is supported by a complete and distinguished team of physical therapists with substantial knowledge of the subject, while surgical treatment is recommended when all conservative treatment methods have been exhausted.

In cases of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury, the Clinic applies the Individualized Treatment of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, ensuring, as much as possible, the reduction of the complications of this very serious operation and the return of athletes to their pre-injury level.

In cases of Hip Arthritis, we apply the SuperPath Total Hip Replacement, an extremely modern method, which ensures rapid and pain-free recovery, while the need for postoperative blood transfusion is almost never necessary. The Director, Mr. Intzoglou, is the first who was able to combine SuperPath Total Hip Replacement with a portable digital navigation system, worldwide. In this way, the most serious possible complication of Total Hip Replacement -postoperative hip dislocation- is practically eliminated!