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The 5th Medical Oncology Department joined forces with IASO General Clinic on September 1 st, 2022. Although it is the newest acquisition of the Oncology Center, it is, at the same time, one of the oldest teams in the field of oncology.



Our vision revolves around 2 main axes. The first is the provision of modern and effective treatments according to the most up-to-date clinical guidelines of international bodies. The second axis is the provision of services in a safe and warm atmosphere which helps the department’s personnel understand the patients’ problems and empathize with their needs.

Optimal service provision is achieved through thorough knowledge of the most recent literature and close collaboration with other medical specialties and colleagues who are distinguished in their field. In this way, specialized knowledge is quickly dispersed, to the benefit of the Clinic's patients.

The value we place on time, results in the faster performance of diagnostic tests and the immediate initiation of therapeutic interventions. Knowledge of the latest developments in oncology, but also the contribution of other sciences, results in the better treatment of patients and making the most of their valuable time.

We treat each patient individually, as a personality and case, thus we always try to find the most suitable treatment. The help we provide does not stop only at the pure technocratic result, but extends to the whole range of support, from the moment of diagnosis, to that of treatment or supportive care, if it becomes necessary, including Psychosocial Oncology.



The Clinic's scientific staff treats the most common solid tumors such as breast, lung, prostate, colon, endometrial ovarian, cervical, pancreatic, stomach, liver and gall bladder cancers, but also, in rarer cases, neoplasms such as neuroendocrine tumors or various stromal tumors.

The treatment of these types of tumors is carried out by the renowned colleagues of surgical oncology, breast surgeons, radiation therapists, interventional radiologists, pathologists and diagnostic radiologists, in close collaboration with adjacent specialties. The interventional endoscopists of both the digestive and respiratory systems have a special contribution. Our collaboration with gynecologic oncologists is continuous and close.

Each case is thoroughly analyzed in the relevant oncology councils of our Hospital and in the internal councils of the Clinic, with the participation of medical specialties having special experience in each type of neoplastic disease.


Specialized services

In the context of the special interests and services of the Clinic, the practice of preventive medicine for the prevention of malignant neoplasms is integrated, through specialized counseling services for a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Furthermore, in collaboration with specialized colleagues, screening for lung and colon cancer is carried out, according to the standards of large international centers.

Finally, there is a close collaboration with the pain treatment office for patients requiring palliative care, as well as with the precision medicine department.


Clinical studies

The 5th Oncology Department participates in reliable international studies, in collaboration with renowned Greek and international scientific centers and research teams, resulting in the early familiarization of physicians with the newest therapeutic factors and the use of new and promising medicines by our patients.



The 5th Oncology Clinic offers hospital care of high standards, both in a scientific and nursing level, as well as in the field of hospitality. The One-Day Hospitalization Unit of IASO General Clinic, where chemotherapy is carried out, is the most modern unit in our country, combining the warm and comfortable space with all the scientific innovations. The nursing staff is willing and well-trained, doing an excellent job.


International collaborations

The scientific staff of our Clinic has a long tenure in leading centers abroad, with international collaborations. They continuously participate in international events and organizations, transferring to their practice the latest scientific facts that have prevailed, for the benefit of our patients. They participate in the organization of international conferences, as well as Greek conferences with international participation.


Education and social awareness

Education is one of the main pillars of the 5th Oncology Department’s operation. It is based on internal training, which takes place continuously as briefing on literature or in invited lectures of special interest. This is outwardly expressed through the participation in IASO Group’s training program. The Department’s physicians teach at various scientific events and lifelong learning may be expressed in our venue, in the most ideal way. The Director of the Department and his colleagues participate in many educational events for patient associations and the public in general. All the physicians of the 5th Oncology Department participate in the most important Greek and international conferences, in an annual basis.


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