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Oncology Center
1st Medical Oncology Clinic

Our history

From the moment IASO opened its gates, the 1st Medical Oncology Clinic, or Oncology Unit as it used to be called, joined in the common effort to provide optimum healthcare services. In these 25 years it has been one of the most rapidly developing departments.

Our aims  

It specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors. The most modern academic medical methods are available for diagnosing and treating cancer. Patient approach is based on working closely with colleagues from other dedicated departments. Our aim is to secure the best treatment for each patient, meaning to guarantee very specialized medical care within a climate of trust.  

We also place major importance on the supportive care of patients. This includes pain treatment, dietary problems and well-rounded psychosocial support. To this end, our team includes all the suitable personnel.  

The main feature of the 1st Medical Oncology Clinic is the continuous effort to create a warm and safe environment, full of empathy, which offers detailed information, discussion and effective treatment.  

Our services

We treat all solid tumors, working closely with the rest of the medical specialties. We especially work with the imaging department, radiotherapy, pathology, surgical oncology, gynecologic oncology, etc. The decision for the overall diagnostic and treatment approach for each patient is taken collectively, after a detailed discussion at the Oncology Council. The Gynecologic Oncology Council is one of the first bodies within the IASO Group to have received and still hold an external accreditation.

We apply the most modern systemic (pharmaceutical) treatment protocols for cancer and our administered treatments adhere to the current national and international guidelines. However, in some cases, we are able to offer treatments in the context of clinical studies.

Dedicated activities

There is growing interest and experience in cancer treatment and fertility preservation in women of a reproductive age. This approach is multi-faceted and requires a close working relationship with the Gynecologic Oncology Unit and the IVF Unit. Another area of interest is the treatment of malignant neoplasms during pregnancy. The partnership with the Prenatal Screening Unit is invaluable in patient approach. Lastly, working with geneticists / molecular biologists gave the 1st Medical Oncology Clinic the chance to gain a reputation on inherited cancer and genetic counseling matters.

Clinical studies

The 1st Medical Oncology Clinic participates in major international studies for developing new chemotherapy drugs, immunotherapies and molecularly targeted therapies.  


It provides full hospital care. One-day treatments are administered in specially designed areas, which are easily accessible from the Outpatient Clinic. To ensure best care for patients, there is a close partnership between the one-day clinic and the hematology/oncology care department.  

International partnerships

The 1st Medical Oncology Clinic is staffed with academic medical staff with experience in large centers in Greece and abroad. In addition, the long and rich research work of its doctors has brought international acclaim. As a result, there are close partnerships with the largest oncology centers in the USA and Europe on clinical practice matters, consultations and patient approach. Furthermore, our doctors participate in international fora, including committees for clinical study planning and execution, guideline-drafting committees and international educational programs.  

Education and social awareness

The 1st Medical Oncology Clinic participates in all the educational activities organized by IASO, but also in awareness campaigns launched within the community for cancer prevention and modern treatments. One of these is the annual Therapeutic Developments in Oncology conference organized by the Group to bring everyone up to date on the latest developments in the treatment of neoplasms.