Medical Oncology - Chemotherapy

Oncology Center
2nd Medical Pathology Department

Medical services and oncology activities of our Clinic

With a deep sense of respect for people, we offer well-rounded diagnosis and treatment.

We provide individualized treatment to each cancer patient, with new treatments, such as immunotherapies, biological therapies, chemotherapies, hormone therapies, regional therapies, Port-a-Cath or Omaya therapies, as well as palliative care to end-stage patients, with dedication and the aim of preserving the dignity of our patients and their loved ones.

We work with the most renowned and qualified surgical and radiotherapy teams in Greece, fully capable of treating any oncologic surgical or radiotherapy issue.

The Clinic team

Highly-acclaimed scientists and staff from the area of healthcare make up a strong team, with the aim of curing and caring for the people in need.

Nursing care  

Nursing care is performed in areas of exceptional hospitality, supported by medical and nursing staff. The Clinic is staffed with qualified nurses, experienced in managing cancer patients at any stage, administering treatments and offering palliative care.  
The patients who choose us for successful treatment of any health issue they may be facing is a great honor. With a deep sense of responsibility, consistency, support, continuous care and efficiency, we treat the health problems of our patients on a physical and mental level. We stand by them with dedication, 24/7.

“There is no knowledge without character, science without humanity, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, commerce (business) without morality (ethics), religion without sacrifice, politics without principle.” Mahatma Gandhi