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Medical services and oncology activities of our Clinic

With a deep sense of respect for people, we offer well-rounded diagnosis and treatment.

We provide individualized treatment to each cancer patient, with new treatments, such as immunotherapies, biological therapies, chemotherapies, hormone therapies, regional therapies, Port-a-Cath or Omaya therapies, as well as palliative care to end-stage patients, with dedication and the aim of preserving the dignity of our patients and their loved ones.

We work with the most renowned and qualified surgical and radiotherapy teams in Greece, fully capable of treating any oncologic surgical or radiotherapy issue.

The Clinic team

Highly-acclaimed scientists and staff from the area of healthcare make up a strong team, with the aim of curing and caring for the people in need.

Nursing care  

Nursing care is performed in areas of exceptional hospitality, supported by medical and nursing staff. The Clinic is staffed with qualified nurses, experienced in managing cancer patients at any stage, administering treatments and offering palliative care.  
The patients who choose us for successful treatment of any health issue they may be facing is a great honor. With a deep sense of responsibility, consistency, support, continuous care and efficiency, we treat the health problems of our patients on a physical and mental level. We stand by them with dedication, 24/7.

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  • Lung Cancer Screening and Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Monitoring Treatment Office

    In the context of prevention and early diagnosis, the 2nd Oncology Department of IASO General Clinic operates a specialized Lung Cancer Screening and Solitary Pulmonary Nodule (SPN) Monitoring Treatment Office.

    In a state-of-the-art medical and technological environment, and in collaboration with Pulmonologists, Interventional Radiologists and Thoracic Surgeons, a comprehensive monitoring program for people at high risk for lung cancer was implemented.

    The prevention of lung cancer is of paramount importance and the low-dose CT scan of the chest is an important weapon in this effort that has been officially incorporated in screening programs. The patients are subjected to a thorough lung examination by receiving an amount of radiation as small as that of a simple chest X-ray. The findings and their significance are also thoroughly evaluated by a qualified physician.

    The priority of our treatment office is to provide comprehensive information to active and former smokers and to help them understand the necessity of monitoring despite the absence of symptoms. The program implemented is fully compliant with the new guidelines and the present-day requirements.


    Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

    The appearance of nodular shadowing in the lungs of people with a history of smoking is common after the introduction of LDCT screening. More specifically, there is a lesion smaller than 3 cm that remains asymptomatic and is an incidental finding during the preventive examination. The detection of such nodules is frequent, and their assessment is a complex procedure that is necessary in order for the possibility of malignancy to be ruled out. In the case of such a suspected lesion, an early surgical intervention ensures a cure and a good quality of life.

    The Treatment Office is run by Ms. Angeliki Lazaratou, MD, MSc, Pulmonologist - Tuberculosis Specialist, Associate of the 2nd Oncology Department


    Operating days and hours: Thursday, 13:00 – 17:00.

    Contact numbers: 210 6185215, 210 6184485