1. General
  • Education & Academic Titles
    • University of Athens, Medical School, medical degree "very good" 1986

    Training in Internal Medicine

    • Athens Naval Hospital, department of internal medicine.
    • Saint Panteleimon General Hospital of Piraeus, department of internal medicine

    Retraining in Medical Oncology

    • Hammersmith-Royal Postgraduate School of medicine, research in monoclonal antibodies against human malignant tumors
    • St Bartholomew’s Hospital London, ICRF Unit, lymphomas, and bone marrow transplantation
  • Professional Experience
    • 1913-2022: Director of third Oncology Clinic at «Metropolitan" Hospital
    • From 2009 to 2013: Director of Chemotherapy Unit at General Hospital of Athens Ippokrateio
    • From 1990 to 2009Director of second Clinical Oncology department at Cancer Hospital of Athens "Saint Savas"
    • From 1985 to 2000: Consultant, Department of Oncology, Antikarkiniko Hospital Piraeus "Metaxas Memorial"
    • From 1985 to 2000: Internist, Department of Oncology, Antikarkiniko Hospital Piraeus "Metaxas Memorial"
    • Consultant, internal medicine, County General Hospital of Kalamata
  • Clinical Interest
    • Solid tumors, breast, lung, neuroendocrine neoplasms
    • Lung Cancer
  • Awards & Distinctions
    • Praises from the Athens Academy for the unit of bone marrow transplantation ST Sava’s hospital
    • Academy of Athens award for the Unit of phycological support of women with breast cancer of Greek Society of Mastology
  • Recent Publications
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  • Membership in Societies and Editorial Boards
    • President Greek College of Senology
    • Ex-General secretary Greek society of Mastology
    • Ex-Director of training courses in Mastology
    • Ex-Editor of FORUM OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, the Greek Society of Clinical Oncologists magazine
  • Research
    • Editor of ten books in Oncology
    • Author of 14 chapters in oncology books
    • 40 publications in peer review journals
    • 400 lectures at conferences Enlightenment of public about cancer prevention
    • Organizer of numerous oncological conferences
    • Participation in organization of more than 70 conferences or congresses about cancer