Medical Oncology - Chemotherapy

Oncology Center
4th Medical Pathology Department
It was established in June 2020, headed by Medical Oncologist Ms. Dimitra Kanaloupiti, who, after years of training and working in large hospitals in the USA, returned to Greece with the vision of offering Greek patients oncology services of a corresponding level.
  • Aims

    The Clinic aims to provide comprehensive, individualized and well-rounded treatment to oncology patients. Following the initial investigation and diagnosis of cancer, our team surrounds patients and their families with deep knowledge and understanding of their mental condition, needs and concerns, so as to create and establish a relationship of trust and mutual appreciation, on which to build the treatment plan and provide quality healthcare services.

    The treatment approach for patients is driven by the guidelines of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and includes the most advanced treatment protocols for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, molecularly targeted therapy and biological treatments. 
  • Structure / Associates

    The Clinic is staffed with medical oncologists with excellent training and long experience in the treatment of all solid tumors (breast, melanoma, gynecologic cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, head / neck cancer and other tumors). The Clinic Director, Ms. Kanaloupiti, is a regular invited speaker at international and Greek oncology conferences. As part of their ongoing medical training, the Clinic staff continuously participate in scientific conferences and are informed about the latest developments in oncology practice. 

    Transferring extensive experience and know-how from abroad, the Clinic has been established based on the model of organizing large oncology units in the USA, so as to ensure the seamless and effortless flow of procedures, as well as the comfortable care of patients during the treatments, both in the day clinic / chemotherapy department and during inpatient hospitalization. The Clinic maintains fully informed and updated medical files / records for each patient, so as to ensure their fast and objective use in the medical decision-making process.  

    Our Clinic works closely with IASO Breast Center and the Radiation Oncology Center.
  • Our Clinic’s work is supported by

    • Qualified nursing staff with long experience in the intricacies involved in the treatment of cancer patients.
    • A network of experienced clinical doctor for the most comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.
    • Clinical nutritionists to coordinate individual diet needs and ensure satisfactory nutrition in terms of quantity and quality.
    • Clinical psychologists specializing in cancer patients, recognizing the imperative need for mental and emotional support of patients as well as their families and caregivers. 
    • Anesthesiologists and interventional radiologists for pain management and palliative care for our patients.
    • Fully equipped physiotherapy team (respiratory / kinesiotherapy / occupational therapy).
    • Genetic Counseling and Hereditary Cancer Department.
    • Experienced secretarial and administrative support for managing and resolving practical matters (insurance, work-related issues, transactions with healthcare services).
  • Scientific Activity / Interests

    The Clinic has long experience in organizing and participating in clinical studies, and members of the team have participated in international collaborative clinical trials. In addition, it works closely with oncology centers abroad with access to research protocols that are not available in Greece, so that our patients can have prompt access to innovative antineoplastic therapies.

    Making the most of Ms. Kanaloupiti's extensive experience at the Melanoma Research Foundation of the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Chicago, the 4th Oncology Clinic will soon set up a model Melanoma Center with the aim prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment of melanomas.

    The fundamental interests of our team include palliative care and the development of multidisciplinary care networks for the critically ill patients in the hospital, in the community and at home.  In addition, our main concern are the individual needs of cancer survivors who face chronic comorbidity as a result of the disease and treatments (Survivorship). 

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