Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Department
Radiology-Fluoroscopy (R/F)
All types of X-rays are performed, as well as fluoroscopy exams: salpingography, cystourethroscopy, barium enemas, gastrointestinal transit, etc.  

In addition, all interventional procedures are performed: hemorrhaging treatment, aneurysm, chemoembolization, etc.

The Department is equipped with a latest generation, fully digital, remote-controlled radiography machine, with built-in flat-panel technology digital sensor, which provides optimal image quality and great resolution with the lowest possible radiation dose. It is also equipped with a digital radiography system with the state-of-the-art ortho package system, which is used for radiographies of the spine and the lower limbs.

The IASO Radiology Department is also equipped with two portable X-ray machines to perform X-rays on patients with poor health, patients in the ICU, neonates in the NICU and all those who cannot come to the Department.  

In addition, a portable digital C-arm fluoroscopy device (C-ARM) is permanently installed in the operating rooms, to meet surgical needs (orthopedic, neurosurgery, vascular surgery).

It also covers medical emergencies 24/7.

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