Support Departments

The role of Technical Department:

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Modernization, Expansion, New Equipment
  • Energy Management

Equipment Maintenance

One of the main roles of the technical department is the maintenance of equipment in optimum functional status.

This means that the entire Clinic’s facilities (buildings, medical, Electromechanical, Ancillary) and machinery (Medical, Mechanical, Ancillary, Auxiliary) must ALWAYS be in a state of readiness and fully maintained.

Preventive and Invasive Maintenance programs have been developed based on the manufacturers’ instructions in order to achieve the aforementioned aim.

These programs are performed at regular intervals based on the instructions of the manufacturing companies by the Technical Department staff or via Maintenance Contracts with the manufacturing companies for special equipment or machines, with parallel testing and monitoring by the Technical Department.

In addition to preventive maintenance programs, inspection forms have also been created and are applied in all sectors by the Technical Department staff per shift.

This ensures additional monitoring, provision of information and traceability of events for more rapid and prompt responses.

Also, the most critical (medical, supportive, mechanical) facilities or machines have auxiliary facilities capable of responding to the needs of the clinic.

Controlled Technical Failures are performed at regular intervals in order to establish the readiness of the main and ancillary equipment.

The supervision and continuous efforts of the Technical Department staff have brought equipment to 100% of its capacity and have minimized failures (Down-time).

Modernization, Expansion, New equipment

The Clinic is and must remain one of the top Private Clinics in its category. In order for this goal to be achieved, constant efforts for the enhancement of services via the renovation of the clinic premises, the expansion of provided services and the replacement of outdated equipment with the latest technology, are required.

The role of the Technical Department in this sector is to:

  • Design New Facilities, Renovations
  • Specify the Requirements (Technical Specifications) for the New Facilities or Renovations
  • Carry out the implementation of New Facilities, Renovations either by internal means (Technical Department staff) or through the selection and supervision of an External Contractor
  • Evaluate and Select External Contractors
  • Conduct Market Research for High-Tech Machinery
  • Evaluate the Technical Specifications of Machinery
  • Select New Equipment and supervise its installation

Energy Management

In order to cover its operational requirements, the Clinic has high energy demands (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telecommunications).

One of the roles of the Technical Department is the monitoring, recording and management of these requirements, with a view to energy consumption optimization (reduction, conservation of energy).