Support Departments

Our experienced staff and collaborations with certified Suppliers ensure the high quality of the materials used by the Clinic.

IASO has adequate storage space to store all kinds of health-care supplies and consumables. The company offers state-of-the-art storage facilities and the most advanced computerized systems. It has FEFO handling systems that operate smoothly, based on the expiry date of products.

Our storage areas are equipped with avant-garde environmental monitoring facilities, while there are also dedicated loading/unloading points for the products being received on a daily basis to cover IASO’s needs.

Controlled Storage Environment

IASO stores medical products, consumables, tools and devices safely and responsibly in its advanced storage facilities. The company has all the required certifications pertaining to the purchase and storage of materials, such as ISO 9001:2008, while it also follows optimal storage practices.

It has special cooling chambers (0-6οC) for the storage of sensitive or vulnerable materials. Our facility offers supervised temperature and humidity conditions that meet the strictest storage criteria. All environmental parameters are closely monitored according to ISO, thus ensuring the safe storage of our products/materials.

Operating Features and Computerized Storage Support

  • Immediate submission of purchase orders to an online computerized service
  • Automatic entry of purchase orders in the Warehouse Monitoring System (WMS) from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Quick renewal of the hospital’s supplies stock on a daily basis
  • Safe internal transportation of products
  • Full product traceability