Support Departments

The Biomedical Support Service was established in 2001 and since then it has been extended to all Group Clinics.

The Biomedical Service is staffed by Higher Education graduate engineers with postgraduate specialization in technical support, service promotion and management of the Group’s Medical-Technological Equipment.

In more detail, the daily duties of the Biomedical Service include:

  • Inspection, maintenance, monitoring, repair and supervision of the hospital’s biomedical and other electronic equipment and preservation of its state of readiness.
  • At the same time, it is responsible for the proper operation of the Clinic’s biomedical equipment, ensuring the implementation of systematic preventive maintenance and repair programs, as well as participation in the prompt restoration action system in the event of unexpected failures or malfunctions.
  • It is responsible for keeping the biomedical equipment in a good general condition. It participates in the recording and updating of the maintenance tab system for all the medical devices and equipment and the updating of the corresponding I/T program.
  • It deliberates on every biomedical issue and supervises the maintenance and repair of the electronic equipment.
  • It assists the establishment of medical equipment-specific maintenance and manufacturing programs and ensures their implementation following approval by the Head of the Service.
  • It assists in the organization and updating of the technical library, including user manuals and manufacturer handbooks for medical machinery.
  • It assists in the establishment of medical equipment specifications for ongoing projects and their budgeting process.
  • It supervises the execution of work by internal and external crews on infrastructure-installation projects, preventive and corrective maintenance of the medical machinery, and certifies their completion.
  • It advises on the economic use of biomedical equipment and organizes a system for the electronic recording of data such as the cost of maintenance services, employment contracts, extra work and purchase of spare parts to allow for the planning of future expenses and assist in the decision-making process relating to resource savings.
  • It carries out the maintenance and repair of the electrical machinery and of the components of the hospital’s biomedical and other electronic equipment.