Support Departments

Ever since the first years of its operation, IASO took the strategic decision to cover its business activities with the use of the SAP EPR computerized system. At the same time, specialized medical software programs, in on-line communication with SAP, cover the Laboratory Departments, the Department of Medical Imaging and the Department of Fetal Medicine.

IASO’s computerized systems have been designed to comply with the principles of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Security. In this context:

  • Important investments have been realized in the field of Infrastructure and Networks with the primary objective of providing them with cutting-edge technology and ensuring their uninterrupted operation. Aiming at the elimination of "Single Points Of Failure", there is redundancy in all the critical points of the information and network infrastructure of IASO.
  • A Secondary Computer Center (Disaster Recovery Site) has been established. It is in synchronous data replication with the Main Computer Center (Main Site) and begins operating automatically in case of Main Site malfunction.
  • A standardized backup procedure for all systems is strictly followed and the backups are kept in a remote site.
  • The most modern security systems (Firewalls, Antivirus. etc.) have been installed and are in use.
  • Finally, at every level of the computerized systems, there are documented and approved levels of access and authorization systems.

In order to standardize and further increase the security level of the information and informational assets it holds, IASO has been applying an Information and Information System Security System, adapted to the standard ISO 27002:2005, since 2010. Via this system, IASO implements Policy, Standards and Procedures that aim at ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the information and its information assets.