Inpatient guide

For your own safety, upon admission you are given a bracelet with your name, case number and attending physician. You must wear it at all times during your stay at IASO. If it is lost or destroyed, tell the nursing staff so they may replace it immediately.

Upon your admission, we will take down your personal medical history. Please tell us about anything that concerns your health, such as allergies to drugs, food or materials, difficulty walking, etc. so we may facilitate your stay at our Hospital and design a personalized care plan.

All the information recorded in your medical record is considered sensitive personal data and is treated as strictly confidential by all Hospital staff.

  • For a safe and comfortable hospitalization

    • Make sure you have understood how the nurse call button works. Otherwise, ask the ward staff for explanations.
    • Your room has autonomous air conditioning, which you can adjust as you wish. Please do not open the windows, as this lowers the performance of the air conditioning system.
    • Do not leave your ward without first notifying the nursing staff. You cannot leave the Hospital at all during your hospitalization.
  • What to bring with you for your hospitalization

    • Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge, comb or hair brush, etc.)
    • Pajamas or nightie, dressing gown

    Make sure you have stored your glasses, hearing aid or dentures safely when you are not using them, so they are not lost.

  • Hospital rooms

    IASO has specially designed beds that combine comfort, safety and modern design, ensuring a pleasant stay. There are various room types available (VIP Suite, Suite, Single, Double, Superior Double and Triple) of the highest standards, with excellent hotel-like amenities.

    All room types are equipped with telephone, TV, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The bed is equipped with a control to adjust the height and tilt. There is also a special control with a nurse call button.

    In all room types there is free wireless internet access, and 20 Nova satellite TV channels (4 movie channels, 6 sports channels, 2 children’s channels, documentary channels and major foreign news channels).

  • Telephone use

    To place a local call, dial 0 to get an external line. All calls to landline numbers within Attica are free of charge.

    To place a call within the Hospital, dial the 4-digit extension of the department you wish to contact.

    Call Center: 9
    Reception/Information: 4065, 4066, 4067, 4068
    Patient Accounts: 4118, 4105, 4170, 4134, 4143
    Patient Accounts (privately insured): 4128, 4559, 4127, 4356, 4631
    Inpatient Cashier: 4188
    Security: 4082

  • Overnight stay for carers

    In the single and luxury rooms and the suites, there is a sofa bed available for carers who wish to spend the night.
  • What to do with the medications you have been taking to date

    After being admitted to the hospital ward and once we have taken down your medical history, you must inform us about the medications you are on. You should not keep medications in your bedside table, nor take any medications other than those administered by the nursing staff, in consultation with your doctor.
  • Nutrition

    The menus are set in cooperation with the IASO Nutritional Support and Dietetics Department, so that the nutritional needs of patients are fully met. The daily menu is determined by the attending physician and the meals are prepared according to their instructions. Main meals may also be served for the carers in the luxury rooms and the suites. The catering staff are always available to assist you in any way they can.
  • Meal Times

    Breakfast 07:30-08:30
    Morning Snack 9:30-10:30
    Lunch 12:00-13:00
    Afternoon Snack 15:30-16:30  
    Dinner 18:30-19:30