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Gynecological Oncology
Gynecological Oncology
Gynecological Oncology

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The Gynecological Oncology Department is one of the most modern and fully equipped departments covering the entire range of gynecologic cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The continuously increasing number of women with gynecological cancers as well as the need for early diagnosis and successful treatment has prompted us to create a specialized and model department at IASO.

The aim of the Gynecological Oncology Department is to provide the best possible care to its patients, enabling early and accurate diagnosis of the disease and, subsequently, offering the most appropriate and up-to-date treatment for each case. More specifically, the use of innovative methods in younger patients makes it possible for them to maintain their reproductive capability. Available services also include support by a psychology specialist, as needed, with the aim of helping the patient and her loved ones to manage the stress and anxiety caused by the disease.

The Department applies all the newest techniques for the surgical management of gynecologic cancer. The Department’s integrity and modern equipment combined with the expertly trained and experienced surgical nursing staff guarantee that all surgical techniques are successfully performed. More specifically, certain cases are managed exclusively endoscopically in a safe and effective manner.

The Department is staffed by gynecology – oncology specialists who maintain close collaboration with pathologists – oncologists, radiotherapists, pathology specialist, as well as psychologists and physiotherapists.

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