Radiation Oncology Center (ROC)

Oncology Center
Equipment of Radiation Oncology Center

The Radiation Oncology Center upgraded its equipment in 2017.

It features:

  1. Four (4) high dose rate linear accelerators - three are manufactured by ELEKTA (Versa HD, Synergy and Precise) and one by VARIAN (Trilogy), with the ability to perform advanced techniques, such as IMRT/VMAT - IGRT.
  2. ELEKTA microSelectron HDR Brachytherapy Afterloading Platform with the ability to apply intracavitary and interstitial techniques (gynecological, esophageal, lung, breast, etc) with high reliability and safety.
  3. Three modern treatment planning systems - PHILIPS Pinnacle3 9.8, ELEKTA Monaco 5.1 and ELEKTA -Nucletron Oncentra Brachy. These systems use the most accurate dose calculation algorithms (Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo) to design 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT radiation treatment plans. The Oncentra Brachy planning system is used to calculate Brachytherapy treatment plans based on CT-scan images.
  4. ELEKTA - IMPAC Mosaiq Patient Management System. The Mosaiq Patient Management System ensures correct administration of treatment. It is a complete Electronic Medical Record containing all radiotherapy operations performed at the center.
  5. The ELEKTA Simulix Evolution Digital Treatment Simulator is a special radiology machine that can precisely reproduce the geometric radiation conditions to be performed on the Linear Accelerator.
  6. TOSHIBA Aquilion 16 LB CTSim CT-scanner – simulator