Male Genito-Urethral Plastic Surgery Unit

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Male Genito-Urethral Plastic Surgery Unit

The Male Genito-Urethral Plastic Surgery Unit of the IASO Group of Hospitals was established in November 2009 and it operates exclusively within the group since.

It is to all intents and purposes, the only unit in Greece within the private or public sector, active at this level and with this amount of expertise.

Within its patient base, 24 of these patients have in fact come from various countries (USA, UK, UAE, Romania, Libya, Cyprus, India, Australia and New Zealand) specifically to receive the high caliber treatment offered here.
This clearly highlights the degree of trust and confidence our centre inspires at international level.

The unit operates on the entire spectrum of ages of male patients, ranging from as young as 9 months old and including all adult groups.

Its area of expertise encompasses a wide range of congenital and acquired deformities of the male external genitalia and the urethra distal to the external sphincter.

Paediatric procedures including Hypospadias and other congenital deformities of the external male genitalia are managed at the IASO Children's Hospital while all the adult cases including Hypospadias cripples, penile cancer management and reconstruction, penile and scrotal lymphoedemas, orthoplasties, cosmetic and therapeutic circumcisions, urethroplasties by using buccal and/or bladder mucosa grafts to repair urethral strictures distal to the external sphincter, at IASO Hospital.

We feel that our clinical presence relating to the work of our Plastic Genito-Urethral unit, unique in expertise and range within Greece, is of fundamental importance to the Greek healthcare system, exclusive in depth and breadth of clinical problems covered, often of complex and complicated nature.

Surgery becomes a game!
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