Maternity Clinic Inpatient Handbook

Inpatient accounting office

The Matron will inform you on your discharge procedure. On your discharge day, contact the Flood Secretary to find out about your billing.  

You may settle your bill at the Inpatient Cashier’s Office in cash for amounts up to €500 or by credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can pay through web banking.

For amounts over €500 in cash, you can pay at the Piraeus Bank branch located on the 1st floor.

For amounts over €1,000, you can make arrangements with the Inpatient Cashier’s Office and pay in interest-free installments.

Once you settle your bill, you will receive your receipt, invoices and discharge papers from the Inpatient Cashier’s Office.

The Inpatient Cashier’s Office (ext. 4188) operates daily, except Sundays, from 8:30 to 16:00. If you are discharged on a Sunday, your bill should be settled by Saturday (8:30 to 15:00).

Contact numbers

Inpatient Accounting Office (EOPYY): 

Inpatient Accounting Office (Private Insurance):

Inpatient Cashier’s Office:

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