Maternity Clinic Inpatient Handbook


At IASO you have a choice of various room types:

  • Superior three-bed room
  • Standard two-bed room
  • Superior two-bed room
  • Single room
  • Lux
  • VIP Suite

The Matron and the Nursing Staff offer quality and individualized nursing care and are willing to provide guidance and information at all times.

Should you wish so, you can have your baby with you 24 hours a day in all patient room types (Rooming In), at no additional cost.

Specialist midwifes provide guidance and support to mothers on breastfeeding for the successful establishment of exclusive breastfeeding. Advice and instructions regarding successful breastfeeding are also available in the IASO Breastfeeding Manual.

Parents receive information and training on issues relating to the care of the newborn, which contributes to their smooth adjustment to the new situation.

Newborns are continuously monitored during their stay at the Clinic by experienced Pediatricians and other specialists (Pediatric Surgeon and Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist).

All patient rooms have free wireless internet access, 20 NOVA satellite TV channels (4 movie channels, 6 sports channels, 2 kids’ channels, documentary channels and the largest international news channels).

Note that during hospitalization, the patients’ diet plans are set by the Clinic dieticians and doctors. Our company checks the quality and the services provided by external companies and cannot provide any guarantees for the services provided by other external suppliers. Therefore, patients and carers are not allowed to place orders at external suppliers / food delivery companies.