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Radiation Oncology Center (ROC)


  • Κέντρο Ακτινοθεραπευτικής Ογκολογίας (Κ.Α.Ο.)
  • Κέντρο Ακτινοθεραπευτικής Ογκολογίας (Κ.Α.Ο.)
  • Κέντρο Ακτινοθεραπευτικής Ογκολογίας (Κ.Α.Ο.)


Contact number: +30 210 6185250


The largest in Greece, equipped with four cutting-edge Linear Accelerators

High level of scientific and technological staff

Services comparable to internationally recognized centers abroad


The Radiation Oncology Center (ROC) provides comprehensive health services to fight against neoplasms. It has four (4) linear cutting edge accelerators - the only center in Greece - and a high dose rate (HDR) Brachytherapy unit, which allows serving a total of 3,000 patients per year.



The center has been operating since 1997, providing the possibility to apply the most advanced radiotherapy techniques (IMRT/VMAT IGRT), always according to international protocols and organizations (RTOG, ASTRO, ESTRO)

It is staffed by Radiation Oncologists with extensive experience and excellent education, by a scientific team of Medical physicists, specialized technologists, and by experienced nurses and administrative personnel to better serve patients.

Psychological support is provided to patients undergoing treatment.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 07:00 - 21:00


Chief: Maragkoudakis Evaggelos
Deputy Chief: Konstantellos Ioannis
Associates – Radiation Oncologists:
Georgakopoulos Ioannis
Giannakouras Georgios
Giannopoulou Alexandra
Karachontziti Paraskevi
Kokkakis Ioannis
Kouveli Athina
Mpalafouta Myrsini
Peteinelli Efi
Stergioula Anastasia
Trichas Miltiadis
Tsipnidou Eleni
Verigos Kosmas


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