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Radiation Oncology Center (ROC)
Radiation Oncology Center
Radiation Oncology Center

Contact Number

+30 210 6185250


Cutting-edge equipment for the fight against neoplasms and tumors both in men and women

Top scientific and technological staff

Services comparable to internationally recognized centers abroad

The ROC at IASO provides integrated healthcare services and combines all the necessary elements rendering it a Center of Reference.

  • Top Physicians
    It is staffed by Radiation Oncologists with extensive experience and advanced training which is mandatory due to the state-of-the-art equipment accommodated in the Center
  • Cutting-edge Technology
    The Center accommodates the most modern systems for the application of the most pioneering techniques in the fight against neoplasms and tumors both in men and women
  • Integrated Services
    Integrated care services and support are provided by a scientific team comprising highly-specialized technologists and experienced nursing and administrative staff for the optimum patient service.

The Radiation Oncology Center accommodates:

  • Four last-generation high-energy Linear Accelerators with the potential of photon and electron emissions. Each accelerator has a Multi Leaf Collimator to facilitate the convenient and accurate application of complex schemes of radiation fields and to more effectively protect the healthy tissues. The first Multi Leaf Collimator in Greece was installed at IASO.
  • Brachytherapy Unit of high dose rate with more than 300 applications per year
  • Computed Tomography Simulator
  • Treatment Simulator – Fully Digital Simulator
  • System for radiotherapy with intensity modulated fields (IMRT, IGRT, V-MAT)
  • Systems for computer-aided treatment planning and evaluation of the radiation dose distribution in the patient (Oncentra, Pinnacle, CMS), with 3-D availability
  • Fully equipped patient immobilization system manufacture laboratory

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 07:00 - 21:00

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