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IASO: 5 Deliveries Free-of-Charge to Celebrate Mother’s Day

IASO is offering you a gift for the greatest gift of your life!


For the 4th year running, IASO, the No. 1 Maternity Hospital in Greece, is celebrating Mother’s Day by offering 5 deliveries free-of-charge, through a Facebook and Instagram contest.

To participate in the contest, visit the IASO Group profile on Facebook ( and click on like on the page or follow us on Instagram ( Then leave a comment below the contest post, sharing with us what the word “mother” means to you!

You will be entered in the draw to win the IASO gifts!

Each package includes hospitalization fees for 3 or 4 days, operating room fees, general anesthesia or epidural, basic medical tests for the mother and neonate, materials and medications directly linked to natural delivery or C-section, and anesthesiologist’s fee. The offer is valid for natural deliveries or C-sections that will be performed until 31 August 2021. For further information about the terms of the contest, click on the following link:

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