Vascular Anomalies Center

Diagnostic Sector
Vascular Anomalies Center
  • The only Center in Greece for the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of vascular anomalies.
  • At a research and clinical level, it cooperates with top centers situated both in the USA and Europe, to apply the most innovative treatments.
  • It is staffed by a medical team of renowned and highly specialized physicians, who have been trained in major centers in the USA, and hold extensive experience in implementing modern techniques and methods.
  • It accommodates pioneering, cutting-edge medical equipment for the complete and detailed imaging of the affected area.
  • The Center is headed by an Interventional Radiologist/Neuroradiologist and a Plastic Surgeon, who cooperate with many other medical specialties, such as Pediatric Surgeons, Dermatologists, ENT specialists, Orthopedics specialists, Oncologists, Ophthalmologists, Vascular Surgeons, Geneticists and others, for the comprehensive management of such cases.
  • The team of experts conducts overall assessments of the patients in order to suggest the most applicable therapeutic scheme.
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