IASO Group Adopts the Ark of the World

IASO Group Adopts the Ark of the World

Celebrating 25 year of IASO, and as part of its extensive By your Side Corporate Social Responsibility program, IASO Group is adopting the Ark of the World, the non-profit organization dedicated to caring for and protecting mothers and children. IASO Group embraces this large family of 400 children and their loved ones, taking a more essential role in the work of the Ark in healing childhood traumas. At the same time, the partnership has been expanding to Central Greece, with IASO Thessalias providing quality healthcare services to the Volos branch.

In a meeting held at the Children’s Guesthouse in Kolonos on Tuesday June 8, 2021 among Father Antonios, eldress Stamatia Georganti, IASO Group BoD Chairman Dr. Georgios Stamatiou and IASO Group CCO Christina Tampourea, they all had the opportunity to discuss the significant contribution of the Ark of the World throughout Greece, including addressing the healthcare needs of children.

As Father Antonios, founder of the Ark of the World noted, “The partnership with IASO is very significant. Imagine that we are talking about hundreds of children, let alone the additional 400 single-parent families, to whom we offer pharmaceutical treatment through volunteering and cooperation with people who support us in this effort, such as IASO, with which we have been having cooperating remarkably since 2015. IASO takes care of our children by covering a substantial cost, if one adds it to the child-rearing costs.

Lately, all molecular testing being performed on our personnel and children goes through IASO. It is a great help. There is also a corresponding IASO unit in Volos, where we can get assistance.

The Ark of the World is currently hosting almost 400 children throughout Greece. We have guesthouses in Attika, Kalamata, Epirus, Volos and Chios, while we also have the only guesthouse for children in the Northern Aegean, since we are hosting children from Limnos to Rhodes.

What we offer to children is primarily the healing of their mental traumas and then our hospitality, with everything this entails in terms of child-rearing. We also help these children via foster care, so they may find an exclusive parent, a father and a mother. In cases of older children, we raise them until they become adults, so that they continue their studies and come out of the Ark and our Agricultural schools to go on either as farmers or through universities, depending on their educational level.”

Dr. Georgios Stamatiou, Chairman of the IASO Group BoD stated, “As part of celebrating 25 years of IASO, we have decided to adopt the Ark of the World. Although we have a been cooperating since 2015, today, on our 25-year anniversary, we decided we should cover all healthcare services at IASO Group: check-ups and surgeries; we are basically covering the children. At the same time, with the COVID-19 tests performed within the past year, we met all the needs of the Ark of the World, both the children’s and personnel’s at the three shelters in Athens, where 200 COVID-19 tests have already been performed. As Father Antonios said, it has now expanded throughout Greece. Dimini, in Volos, is one of these areas. It has two units and our link there is IASO Thessalias, which covers the wider region of Thessaly and, therefore, the Ark’s needs will also be covered there.”

Ms Christina Tampourea, IASO Group CCO, mentioned, “With the awarded By your Side Corporate Social Responsibility program, we support over 25 non-profit organizations. We are standing by them for all their healthcare needs. We are standing by children, mothers, families. The Ark of the World is doing an amazing job; everyone deserves our sincere congratulations. We are extremely moved that our Chairman is expanding our partnership even further. All the actions of the Ark, which are spread throughout Greece, are striking and we will support them as much as we can.”


14/06/2021 - Ο Όμιλος ΙΑΣΩ υιοθετεί την Κιβωτό του Κόσμου


From left to right: eldress Stamatia Georganti; Christina Tampourea, IASO Group CCO; Dr. Georgios Stamatiou, IASO Group BoD Chairman; and Father Antonios

For further information: Nancy Christopoulou, General Commercial Division of the IASO Group, Tel.: +30 Tel: 210 6383917, Email: [email protected]

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