25 Years IASO

Celebrating 25 years of dedication, caring and quality services, and by having the health of women in its DNA, IASO has managed to maintain its leading position, not just as the No. 1 Maternity Hospital with the most deliveries in Greece, but also as the largest Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Europe, with millions of women having placed their trust in its top-of-the-range healthcare services.

Leaders across all levels

Its national and European firsts, its recognition as a Top Hospital, its multiple awards, its innovation, its quality services and its continuous development are testament to the credibility and strong momentum of IASO.

Top brand in Greece and number one choice for women

As a private Maternity and Gynecology Hospital, IASO is first in top-of-mind awareness and the first in visits and preference for women.

It is also ranked at the top in women’s evaluations, with its strong suit and competitive edge being its reputation, credibility and prestige, its qualified and fully trained medical staff, its modern approach in terms of facilities, equipment and medical techniques, its team of gynecologists and its strong social media presence. Overall, in the last years, it has been gaining great momentum in terms of growth and client preference. These were the findings of a market survey conducted by Alternative in January 2021.


The ultimate destination for the birth of your child

IASO, the largest Maternity Hospital in Greece, with 10,000 deliveries every year, has always been the number one choice for parents bringing their child into the world. It works with over 1,700 obstetricians/gynecologists, and has the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Europe.

It offers a unique experience throughout the maternity journey, having upgraded its services on all levels, within a completely safe environment. As a destination, it has been linked to the miracle of life, as it combines the three-fold of scientific staff, advanced technology, and organizational and business excellence. The leading scientific staff, obstetricians/gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, pediatricians and doctors of other specialties offer medical care to women and newborns, with absolute safety, and the valuable contribution of the experienced midwives and nursing staff. IASO boasts modern medical equipment that ensures the provision of top-level healthcare services, keeping abreast of the constant advancements in technology and introducing innovative methods. Being fully dedicated to applying quality assurance procedures, the administrative staff focuses on providing excellent services to patients.

New modern and sophisticated facilities

Driven by the desire to offer a unique hospitalization experience, IASO created a pleasant and welcoming environment that gives the impression of a summer breeze in the air, far from the traditional hospital setting, but adhering to high healthcare standards. To achieve this, it partnered with one of the most well-known and awarded architectural firms, which has developed major projects worldwide, including the Aman Resorts, Nammos Dubai and Accor, to create its new, ultra-modern facilities. It also paid attention to the waiting and reception areas, using natural materials to create a relaxing and soothing environment, which welcomes visitors and makes them feel comfortable.

A unique childbirth experience at IASO!


Backed by their knowledge and experience, the Delivery Room medical and maternity staff advise and support mothers, so they may safely welcome their baby into the world.

The IASO Delivery Room has been fully renovated, with the aim of creating ultra-modern facilities that combine absolute safety at all stages of childbirth, with a touch of luxury, exuding the serenity every mother longs for during this most significant moment in her life.

The presence of qualified midwives and the option of having the father also present create a warm, familiar and stress-free environment that shapes the right conditions for childbirth, with dim lighting, which can be adjusted to the needs and wishes of mothers, and calming music, which relaxes mothers and drives the tension away.

The Delivery Room has 17 fully-equipped and renovated suites, where expectant mothers can be safety monitored, and a room for water births. It also has five fully-equipped Obstetrics Rooms, for natural and interventional childbirth, if the need arises.

The specially designed water birth area offers expectant mothers the chance to be in water and enjoy a fully natural childbirth, without drugs.

In most cases, we apply the birth plan of each expectant mother, just as she had pictured it, with the consent of her obstetrician, ensuring both her and her baby’s safety.

Birth stools, such as pilates balls, are used to help expectant mothers relax and ensure a smooth labor, while also allowing them to move around if that offers relief.

The first two hours after childbirth are very important for creating a bond between the mother and the newborn. IASO considers this very important, providing parents with the options of rooming-in, skin-to-skin contact and immediate breastfeeding.

Midwife’s love from the experienced IASO midwives

The motherhood experience is unique at IASO. Through the Acts of Love program, we are standing by every woman, from the time she falls pregnant to the time she returns home with her baby.

The online prenatal seminars are most popular in preparing mothers to bring their baby into the world. As a matter of fact, this year, IASO is paving the way, organizing after-birth classes for the first time and giving new mothers the chance to attend online seminars by experienced IASO midwives, within the comfort and safety of their home. The pre-birth and after-birth seminars aim to provide valuable advice and resolve any concerns in the prenatal and postnatal period. In addition, IASO is the only maternity hospital in Greece to organize Twin Mom Seminars, exclusively for parents expecting twins.

On line Pilates “Home Fit Home ” with Mandy Persaki

On line Pilates “Home Fit Home ” with Mandy Persaki
Constantly caring for women, from pregnancy until they give birth, for the first time in Greece, IASO created the Online Home Fit Home Pilates program for expectant and new mothers. Realizing just how difficult these times are for women going through pregnancy or right after childbirth, IASO has created and offers free-of-charge online Pilates classes with Mandy Persaki. Mandy uses special Pilates exercises, which improve posture in pregnant women and muscle toning in women who have just given birth, guides mothers through every step, and helps them improve their breathing, relax and have a pleasant workout, right at home!

Unique privileges for newborns

IASO gives newborns their first present, the “baby Health Plus” insurance plan, in partnership with European Reliance. New parents may feel safe and secure, as IASO takes care of their children’s health with free insurance cover for the first 6 months of their lives.

Moreover, IASO designs new, innovative plans exclusively for expectant and new mothers.

The most awarded hospital in Greece

IASO, the largest Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Europe, is growing continuously, in the era of major transformations. The Top Hospital award as well as the eight additional leading distinctions at the Healthcare Business Awards 2020 are testament to the quality work carried out across all sectors and services.

In addition, IASO received the Silver award in the growth category at the Healthcare Business Awards 2019 for its “No. 1 Services in Greece”. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Breast Center and the Radiation Oncology Center are the largest ones in Greece, keeping the level of healthcare services high and trying to treat a huge volume of cases effectively.

IASO Maternity and Gynecology Hospital paves the way in Marketing awards

IASO once again paves the way, as it became the only hospital in Greece to have been awarded at the Influencer Marketing Awards. It received the Gold award for its Breast Month campaign. The award fell under the “Best Occasion-based Influencer Marketing” category of the “Best Influencer Marketing Strategy” section. In addition, Home Fit Home received two Indie Awards in the Best in Digital category. It received a Silver Award for Social Media and a Bronze Award for Branded Content.

Continuous growth and development

The excellent progress of IASO is continuing with significant projects and investments, including the expansion of the General Hospital services, the refurbishment of the facilities and the purchase of new cutting-edge medical technology. Moreover, distinguished scientists have joined its ranks, significantly expanding the range of available specialties and offering even more comprehensive services to each patient.

Despite the pandemic, IASO managed to continue growing at a fast pace, becoming a hospital for the whole family, caring for what they hold most dear: their health.