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Board of Directors IASO S.A.

Stamatiou Georgios : Executive Member – President
Mameletzis Charalambos: Executive Member – 1st Vice President
Vlachousis Antonios: Executive Member – 2nd Vice President
Doulgerakis Emmanouil: Executive Member – CEO
Petropoulos Paraskevas: Executive Member – CEO
Foustanos Andreas: Executive Member – CEO
Zolotas Ioannis: Non-Executive Member
Sarris Spyridon: Non-Executive Member
Stratakis Nikolaos: Non-Executive Member
Tsitampanis Minas: Non-Executive Member
Fafoutis Xenophon: Non-Executive Member
Dimitrouleas Spyridon: Independent Non-Executive Member
Iliadis Savvas: Independent Non-Executive Member


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