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Board of Directors IASO S.A.

Stamatiou Georgios, Executive Member - President
Spyropoulos Spyridon, Non-executive Member - Vice President
Doulgerakis Emmanouil, Executive Member – CEO
Papamarkou Maria, Executive Member
Xepapadakis Grigorios, Non-executive Member
Papageorgiou Petros, Independent Non-executive Member
Papaioannou Efthymios, Independent Non-executive Member

Management Executives

Papamarkou Maria, Chief Operating Officer at IASO Group
Tampourea Christina, Chief Commercial Officer at IASO Group
Tsakonas Ioannis, Chief Financial Officer at IASO Group
Stratikopoulou Elpida, General Counsel at IASO Group
Aivaliotis Nikolaos, Project Advisor at IASO Group
Androutsos Ioannis, Financial Planning Officer at IASO Group
Vamvakaris Nikolaos, Quality Assurance Officer at IASO Group
Theologiti Ourania, IT Officer at IASO Group
Katopodis George, HR Director at IASO Group
Ratsikas George, Procurement & Logistics Director at IASO Group
Skourti Theano, Internal Audit Officer at IASO Group
Athanasopoulou Nikoletta, Chief Accounting Officer at IASO
Vitali Elena, Ηospitality & Support Services Manager
Karouzou Athanasia, Deputy-Chief Nursing Officer at IASO
Lalioti Christina, Deputy Director of Nursing, IASO General Clinic
Moutsakis Emmanouil, Chief Technical Officer at IASO
Biti Sophia, Chief Nursing Officer at IASO
Mpoutopoulou Varvara, Chief Nursing Officer at IASO Children’s Hospital
Pathoulas Odysseas, Biomedical Engineering Director at IASO
Eva Paraschi, Deputy Director, Patient Accounts Department
Tatsi Garyfallia, Administrative Manager
Tsioumplekos Aristotelis,Director of Digital Development

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