Nuclear Medicine

Diagnostic Department
Nuclear Medicine
It performs all in vitro and in vivo tests, specializing in oncology, pediatrics and cardiology. With the new state-of-the-art dual-head gamma camera, in addition to all the tests to date, a SPECT scan may be performed (to detect neurological, vascular or post-traumatic conditions) as well as all tomographies for the study of any organ (bones, kidneys, liver, etc.).

In addition to the diagnostic applications in the field of Nuclear Medicine, therapeutic applications have also been developed. Shielded chambers have been constructed in accordance with international standards for the therapeutic administration of radioisotopes (e.g. I-131, strontium, samarium, rhenium, ZEVALIN, etc.). Patients with differentiated thyroid cancer – a condition most commonly encountered in Greece – are successfully treated, and there is full support by the endocrinology departments of the Group. Patients with painful bone metastases from malignant diseases, such as prostate and breasts, may be treated with the therapeutic administration of radioisotopes. The possibility of treating patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in combination with other conventional treatments, is also available.

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