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What if I need help on Breastfeeding after my discharge from the Clinic?

Upon your discharge from the Clinic, an assessment is conducted on the progress of both the mother and the baby on Breastfeeding, through a special assessment form. Within the context of this evaluation, it should be confirmed that the mother knows:

  • When her baby wants to breastfeed
  • How to position her baby correctly on her breast to avoid any pain during breastfeeding
  • How to choose a comfortable position to breastfeed
  • When her baby swallows
  • When her baby is full and if the amount of breast milk is sufficient
  • The way to express milk either manually or with a pump
  • The correct procedure for collecting and preserving breast milk
  • Information on the mechanism of lactation
  • When to call for a Pediatrician

Contact number: +30 210 618 4000


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you hold prenatal classes on Breastfeeding?
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  3. How can I exclusively breastfeed?
  4. What if I need psychological support?
  5. Do I need an escort during night hours?
  6. When should I declare my baby’s birth at the Birth Declaration Office of the Maternity Clinic?
  7. What kind of documents do I need to bring?
  8. What is the discharge procedure?
  9. What else should I bring?
  10. Do you reserve patient rooms?
  11. What are the visiting hours?

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