Cookies Policy IASO Thessalias


IASO THESSALIAS S.A.’s (hereinafter, “Clinic”) main priority is the efficient operation and your easy navigation in its website (hereinafter, “Website”). For this reason, we use cookies in accordance with the applicable legislation, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter, “GDPR”) as well as the Press Release of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority under protocol number Γ/ΕΞ/1525/25.02.2020 “Recommendations to Data Controllers for compliance with special legislation regarding electronic communications”.

The present Cookies Policy (hereinafter, “Policy”) aims to determine the terms and conditions implemented by the Clinic concerning processing of personal data related to use of cookies and similar technologies.

1. Data Controller

The Clinic under the corporate name IASO THESSALIAS GENERAL CLINIC – PRIVATE MATERNITY CLINIC S.A. and the distinctive title IASO THESSALIAS S.A.”, having its registered seat at 8th kilometer of Route Larissa-Athens, Nikaia, Larissa, with Tax Identification Number 999613321, is the Data Controller that collects, stores and processes personal data of the Website users.

2. Definition of cookies and purposes of their use

Cookies are small text files with a small volume of information sent to the browser once a user visits a website and are stored by the main server of the website in user’s computer or other device. The Clinic uses in its Website the following categories of cookies: a) necessary cookies; b) preference cookies; c) statistics cookies and d) marketing cookies. The Website provides you with a special tool, which is available here, and provides information about each cookies category used in our Website, as well as about the purposes of use and the retention period of each category.

3. Management of cookies

Except from absolutely necessary cookies and cookies used for purposes of user’s security, installation of all other cookies takes place exclusively upon your consent. Acceptance of a non-necessary cookies category does not automatically mean acceptance of installation and use of the rest.

By using the relevant tool in our Website, you may be informed about each cookies category and provide your consent. Through such tool, we provide you with specific information about each category of cookies that we collect and process, to which you may have access regardless the electronic device you are using.

In case that you do not accept the use of cookies, or in case that you do not proceed to acceptance or rejection but continue your navigation after display of the relevant pop-up window, only absolutely necessary cookies will be installed on your device.

4. Your rights in relation to personal data

Concerning the data processing described above, you have the rights provided in the articles 12-22 of the GDPR. For further information concerning your rights and their exercise, you may visit the Clinic’s Privacy Policy, which is available here.