12 April

Scientific meetings of IVF Unit "Institute of Life IASO" 2021-2022

Scientific meetings of IVF Unit "Institute of Life IASO" 2021-2022

The Medically Assisted Reproduction Center "Institute of Life IASO", is organizing scientific meetings for the scientific year 2021 - 2022, aiming to achieve the continuous training and briefing the Physicians - Associates on the developments and the latest data in regard to Assisted Reproduction.

  • 15 April
    General Scientific Lecture of IASO General Clinic on "Congenital infections: A practical guide to the laboratory diagnosis"
  • 08 April 08 - 10 Apr
    Maternity - Gynecology Conference on Therapeutic Developments in Oncology on "Breast Cancer and Gynecologic Oncology"

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21 October

IASO Children’s Hospital: 2nd Continuing Medical Education Seminar entitled ''From necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) to short bowel syndrome: New strategies for prevention and treatment"

14 October

One-Day Conference on the "New insights in vaccination"

03 October

Scientific Meeting of the IVF Unit "Institute of Life - IASO"

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