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29/04/2021 - 2020 Financial Year Results



During a year of unprecedented uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IASO Group continued implementing its growth plan, while improving its financials and results.

At the same time, with heightened alertness and a deep sense of responsibility, the IASO Group remained at the frontline of healthcare developments, fully meeting the medical and hospitalization needs of patients, in line with the guidelines of the Greek Ministry of Health and the instructions of the Infection Control Committee.

The 2020 results for IASO, on a company and a consolidated level, as arising from the published financial statements, are listed below:


TURNOVEREarnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to €17.46m, as opposed to €17.02m in 2019, up by 2.6%. The corresponding margin amounted to 23.1% against sales.  

EARNINGS BEFORE TAX: The company recorded earnings before tax of €9.69m, as opposed to €4.54m in 2019, increasing by 113.4%.

EARNINGS AFTER TAX: Earnings after tax stood at €5.39m as opposed to net earnings of €3.84m in 2019, increasing by 40.4%.  


TURNOVER: On a consolidated level, turnover amounted to €97.01m in 2020, as opposed to €95.71m during the previous financial year, recording a 1.4% rise.

EARNINGS BEFORE TAX: The Group ended the 2020 financial year with €3.66m in earnings before tax, as opposed to €8.89m in losses in 2019. The profitability in the 2020 financial year was affected by final consolidation accounting entries linked to the sale and deconsolidation of FILOKTITIS.

EARNINGS AFTER TAX: : In terms of results after tax, losses of €0.9m were recorded, as opposed to losses of €10.82m in 2019.




The strong financial position of IASO, coupled with it improving results, ensure the smooth continuation of activities. However, a potential continuation of the lockdown could have a negative effect on the purchasing power of consumers and, by extension, on the demand for private healthcare services.

The financial statements will be posted on the websites of the Athens Exchange ( and the company(


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