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26/05/2021 - 25 Years of IASO: 26/05/1996 - IASO is established. A huge step for maternity.

IASO, the largest Maternity and Gynecology Hospital in Europe and the largest private hospital in Greece, is celebrating its 25th anniversary, filled with the gift of life, dedication, care and expertise. All these years, IASO has been maintaining its leading position, being the No. 1 maternity hospital, with the most childbirths in the country and with millions of women having placed their trust in its top-level services.

For 25 years, caring for women has been the Alpha and Omega for IASO. Its national and European firsts, recognition as Top Hospital, multiple awards, innovation, quality services, and continuous development are testament to the credibility and strong momentum of IASO. Furthermore, as a private maternity and gynecology hospital, IASO is first in top-of-mind awareness and the first in visits and preference for women, according to a market survey conducted by Alternative in January 2021.

IASO offers a unique experience throughout the maternity journey, having upgraded its services on all levels, within a completely safe environment. As a destination, it has been linked to the miracle of life, as it combines the three-fold scientific staff, advanced technology and business excellence.

IASO is pushing forward strongly, going through an era of immense development. Its excellent progress is continuing with significant projects and investments, including the expansion of the General Hospital services, the refurbishment of the facilities, and the purchase of new cutting-edge medical technology. Moreover, distinguished scientists have joined its ranks, significantly expanding the range of available specialties and offering even more comprehensive services to each patient.


25 Years of IASO: 26/05/1996 – IASO is established, Dr. G. Stamatiou, Chairman of the IASO Group Board of Directors


IASO is established. A huge step for maternity.

For more news-related information: Nancy Christopoulou, Commercial Division, IASO Group, Tel.: (+30) 210 6383917, Email:

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