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13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece


IASO holds grand opening of the largest Breast Center in Greece

  • Investment exceeds €1.5 million
  • Free diagnostic and surgical treatment for 18 women annually

IASO, always striving to provide the best possible care for women, has created the largest and most modern Breast Center in Greece. The new, state-of-the-art facilities housing the 1st and 2nd Breast Clinics were created at the heart of the largest Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Europe to provide the best possible experience for every woman.

The investment exceeded €1.5 million and included new 1,000 m2 facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment.

The Breast Center offers excellent care by highly qualified scientific teams with specialized training and long-standing experience in the treatment of breast conditions. Thousands of women visit the Center each year and more than 2,000 surgical procedures are performed.

The IASO Breast Center provides comprehensive and holistic treatment of patients throughout all phases of early diagnosis and treatment. The Center performs breast screening, a full range of diagnostic tests and all procedures related to benign or malignant breast conditions. It also handles postoperative follow-up, particularly in breast cancer cases. It is supported by all the necessary IASO departments and works closely with doctors of numerous medical specialties, such as radiologists, cytologists, anatomical pathologists, nuclear medicine specialists, gynecologists, oncologists, radiation therapists and plastic surgeons.

In collaboration with the Imaging Department and the specialized diagnostic radiologists, the Center provides accurate diagnosis as well as the ability to diagnose very small cancers. Being able to diagnose cancers that are a few millimeters in size is extremely important. The treatment of such tumors almost always results in a cure.

IASO also leads the way with its Corporate Social Responsibility program, “By your Side”. By decision of the Board of Directors Chairman Dr. G. Stamatiou, the hospital last week began to offer completely free diagnostic and surgical treatment to 18 women annually, following the necessary screening.

Special care is offered to patients and their families through genetic counseling and genetic testing by specialized geneticists who investigate the hereditary factors in breast cancer.

Patients with lymphedema are also treated by a team of specialized physiotherapists, and careful attention is paid to supporting patients with the help of specialist psychotherapists.

Additionally, the Breast Center includes a Risk Assessment Unit for women at high risk of breast cancer, a Psychological Support Unit with a specialized psycho-oncologist, a Statistical Analysis Department and an Internal Tumor Board. The Tumor Board includes physicians from all specializations and meets once a week to decide treatment courses based on international guidelines (personalized treatment).

The Breast Center provides effective treatment to special patient groups, such as:

  • Women under 35 years old diagnosed with cancer.
  • Women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.
  • Young patients that have not given birth, who are given the possibility to preserve their fertility with the aim of having a child after the end of their treatment, when their overall condition allows it.
  • Patients who have completed their treatment and are found able to conceive. These women are treated in cooperation with the Assisted Reproduction Department. Among these patient groups our results so far have been excellent. In the last three years, almost 50 children have been born to a mother who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Breast Center performs remarkable educational work on a theoretical as well as on a practical (invasive, surgical) level.

The clinics stage important conferences which have become institutions in the scientific community.

Welcome Address / Speech by Dr. Georgios Stamatiou
IASO Group Chairman

Dear invited guests, dear associates, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome.

It is a great honor and pleasure to have you here today to present our new Breast Center at IASO to you.

As Management, our goal to create the largest and most advanced Breast Center in Greece has become a reality with the establishment of the 1st and 2nd Breast Clinics at the heart of IASO, the largest maternity and gynecological hospital in Europe.

Caring for women is part of our DNA. One of our main concerns for each woman visiting IASO is to enjoy leading healthcare services within a perfectly safe and secure environment.

The IASO Breast Center offers safety and the quality guaranteed by the IASO Group, providing modern and individualized treatment for even the most complex breast conditions.

IASO invests in and innovates with cutting-edge technology for patients, offering well-rounded and specialized quality services for the prevention and management of breast conditions, as well as their treatment wherever necessary.

The new Breast Center is equipped with two state-of-the-art mammography devices and the most advanced 3 Tesla MRI scanner, which was installed just recently. Also note that we are the only hospital that owns four lineal accelerators.

At this point, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the leading scientific staff who have made our vision a reality. I would like to thank the leading medical teams of all related specialties, who dedicate their lives daily to caring for women.

I sincerely thank Mr. Antonis Keramopoullos, the Director of the 1st Breast Clinic, and his entire team, who have supported IASO since its establishment.

I sincerely thank Mr. Grigoris Xepapadakis, the Director of the 2nd Breast Clinic and the team that joined us, leading IASO to claim a European first in this field.

I would also like to personally thank the specialists who support our Center: radiologists, cytologists, anatomical pathologists, nuclear physicians, medical oncologists, radiotherapists, gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Lastly, I would like to thank the administrative, nursing and paramedical staff, who assist us daily in offering the best possible care to the patients who entrust us with their valuable health.

Breast Center 2019 Press Conference

Presentation of the Center by Christina Tampourea
Chief Commercial Officer, IASO Group

Dear invited guests, dear associates, welcome. Today at IASO we are celebrating the grand opening of the largest Breast Center in Greece, an investment that has exceeded €1.5 million and occupies a surface area of 1,000 m2.

The new state-of-the-art facilities house the 1st and 2nd Breast Clinic, and offer the best possible experience to women.

Our Center is equipped with high-resolution and low-radiation dose devices. We have two ultra-modern digital mammography devices, one of which also performs tomosynthesis.

We boast latest generation and high-resolution specialized ultrasound devices that incorporate Shearwave elastography as well as stereotactic detection and biopsy (mammotome) techniques.

In addition, the new 3 Tesla MRI scanner allows us to perform highly accurate breast MRIs.

The latest surgical procedures are performed, which will be further developed by the directors of our clinics.

Since 2017, the IASO Breast Center has become a full member of the Breast Centres Network, the first international network of healthcare units exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

It is a well-known fact that we make a large social contribution at IASO, as part of our “By your Side” Corporate Social Responsibility Program. We have incorporated the Breast Center in this, offering pro bono breast cancer surgery to women who cannot afford it. Let’s not forget that during Breast Month in 2015, we once again paved the way in the field of private hospitals, offering 8 pro bono breast surgeries.

The largest Breast Center in Greece could not but pave the way yet again. Last week, by decision of the Chairman of our Board, Mr. Stamatiou, after the necessary screening, 18 women will be accepted to receive diagnostic and surgical treatment free of charge every year. The main supporters of this initiative are always the doctors, as well as the nursing and administrative staff.

Thank you.


13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece


13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the IASO Group Chairman along with the Directors of the 1st and 2nd Breast Center Clinics. From left to right: D. Baltas, G. Xepapadakis, D. Grosomanidis, Registrar of the 2nd Breast Clinic, N. Bredakis, Dr. G. Stamatiou, A. Keramopoullos.


13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece


13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece From left to right: L. Bethanis, Journalist and Press Conference moderator; C. Tampourea, IASO Group CCO; Dr. G. Stamatiou IASO Group Chairman; A. Keramopoullos, Head of the 1st Breast Clinic; G. Xepapadakis, Director of the 2nd Breast Clinic.


13/11/2019 - IASO: The largest Breast Center in Greece


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