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IASO Creates Home Fit Home Program with Online Pilates for Pregnant Women & New Mothers

Realizing just how difficult these times are for women going through pregnancy or right after childbirth, IASO has created and offers free-of-charge the Home Fit Home Program with online Pilates classes with Mandy Persaki. Now you can stay fit before and after you have your baby!

Mandy uses special Pilates exercises, which improve posture in pregnant women and muscle toning in women who have just given birth, guides you through every step, and helps you develop your breathing, relax and have a pleasant workout.

It’s light training in the safety and comfort of your home, using everyday items you’ll find around the house!

Classes takes place twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, 18:00-19:00 via YouTube Live, starting on Monday 14/12/2020. Class duration: 50 minutes

To register for the classes, click on and fill out your email to receive the link to each online class.

Before you start, check with your Ob/Gyn to make sure that you are cleared to exercise.

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